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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Mrs. Maurrant tired?
(a) She has been at work all night.
(b) She has been helping Mrs. Buchanan nearly all night.
(c) She did not sleep well.
(d) She has had to deal with her moody husband.

2. What does Sam do when Rose suggests running away?
(a) Sam suggests they run away together.
(b) Sam tells her to run away alone.
(c) Sam tries to convince her to stay.
(d) He suggests they commit suicide instead.

3. Why is Rose surprised when Shirley tells her that it will be several years before Sam is ready to care for a family?
(a) She is just good friends with Sam.
(b) She is disappointed.
(c) She will wait for Sam.
(d) She does not like Sam.

4. What forms in front of the building?
(a) A crowd.
(b) A bunch of tourists.
(c) A line of police officers.
(d) A pool of blood.

5. What is the reaction when Miss Cushing appears at the Maurrant's window and yells for an ambulance?
(a) No one pays attention to her.
(b) Everyone rushes to get an ambulance.
(c) Everyone stares at her in shock.
(d) Someone tells her to be quiet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is noticeable about Mr. Jones, the next morning?

2. What was done with Sam's mother's body?

3. What does Rose ask Mr. Kaplan will happen, despite the removal of capitalism?

4. How does Mrs. Maurrant respond when her daughter implies that Mr. Maurrant may be more kind, if her mother would not have a relationship with someone outside this marriage?

5. What does Lippo tell Rose about the high temperature?

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