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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Maurrant do as he leaves for work?
(a) He greets everyone in the apartment.
(b) He storms out of the building without talking to anyone.
(c) He instructs his wife in her duties for the day.
(d) He harasses his wife and accuses her of letting other men visit her.

2. Why do James Henry, a city marshal, and his assistant, Fred Cullen, stop in front of the building?
(a) They are looking for Mr. Maurrant.
(b) They are doing a routine patrol of the streets.
(c) They have a dispossess warrant for Mrs. Hildebrand.
(d) They heard there was a break-in.

3. What happens after another shot is heard?
(a) Mrs. Maurrant jumps out the window.
(b) Mr. Maurrant runs out of the building.
(c) The neighbors rush into the apartment.
(d) The marshal yells for someone to get an ambulance.

4. What forms in front of the building?
(a) A line of police officers.
(b) A pool of blood.
(c) A crowd.
(d) A bunch of tourists.

5. What does Fred find when he arrives?
(a) A dead man.
(b) Two dead women.
(c) A dead woman.
(d) Two dead men.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary Hildebrand tell Rose and Mr. Kaplan?

2. Why does Rose suggest the milkman not come around as often?

3. What does Sam do when Rose suggests running away?

4. Why does Rose ask Sam if there is a certain way she should act in a synagogue?

5. Sam, disgusted, tells Rose that this man will want only one thing in return for his assistance. How does she respond?

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