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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miss Cushing enter the scene excitedly?
(a) She has not heard from her children in two days.
(b) She has just seen Mrs. Maurrant and Mr. Sankey together.
(c) She cannot find her wallet.
(d) She has won the lottery.

2. What does Mr. Maurrant tell the group he is going to do to his kids?
(a) Throw them out.
(b) Give them up for adoption.
(c) Treat them to a movie.
(d) Punish them.

3. What do the women gossip about, regarding Mrs. Maurrant?
(a) Her husband is unkind to her, and she should divorce him.
(b) She is rude and disrespectful towards the other tenants.
(c) A man named Sankey has visited her for the third time this week.
(d) She is new to the neighborhood, so they discuss what they know of her.

4. What does a sign on the set say about Prof. Filippo Fiorentino?
(a) He is a law professor at Yale.
(b) He is a musician and teaches lessons.
(c) He is a music professor at NYU.
(d) He is a biology professor at Princeton.

5. What does Rose's father ask about Mr. Easter?
(a) If he is having problems with Rose at work.
(b) If he has enough money to support Rose.
(c) If there was something more, perhaps a physical relationship between her and her boss.
(d) If he is interested in seeing Rose.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mr. Buchanan rush out of the building?

2. What does Kaplan believe will no longer be necessary once there is no more personal property?

3. What happens between Vincent and Sam?

4. When will Mrs. Hildebrand and her children be thrown out of their apartment?

5. Why do the neighbors get into a discussion about labor unions, the working class, and America's prosperity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What character opens Act 2? What is he or she doing? What does this say about this character?

2. How has Mr. Maurrant's mood worsened?

3. What is happening to the Hildebrand family?

4. What has happened to Mrs. Buchanan?

5. How does the audience learn Mr. Filippo Fiorentino is Italian?

6. How does the audience know it is hot in this setting?

7. What happens after Mr. Maurrant talks to Rose?

8. How does this scene show that Mr. Buchanan is a good husband?

9. How does the audience know that Mr. Sankey and Mrs. Maurrant are having an affair?

10. What does Willie want from his mother? Why does his mother give in?

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