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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emma Jones call Greta?
(a) Miss Greta.
(b) Mrs. G.
(c) Mrs. F.
(d) Greta.

2. How does Vincent Jones treat Rose?
(a) He greets Rose and begins to harass her, moving his hands over her body.
(b) He hugs her.
(c) He greets Rose and gives her a kiss on the cheek.
(d) He ignores her.

3. What does Mrs. Jones not understand about the Kaplans?
(a) How they can read the newspaper in Hebrew.
(b) Why they are Jewish.
(c) Why they do not go to a church.
(d) How they can sit and read all day long.

4. How does Rose feel about Mr. Easter?
(a) He is creepy and unreliable.
(b) She does not feel right about what he is asking of her.
(c) Deep down she likes him but knows he is married.
(d) He is a kind man who can give her what she needs.

5. On what does Mr. Maurrant lecture his wife?
(a) How it is her responsibility to know where her daughter is, that Rose should not be out so late.
(b) She should wear more makeup and wear nicer clothes for him.
(c) It is her responsibitilty to make sure the children have all of their homework done.
(d) How it is her job to make sure his dinner is ready when he comes home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kaplan believe will no longer be necessary once there is no more personal property?

2. When will Mrs. Hildebrand and her children be thrown out of their apartment?

3. For whom is the ice cream that Agnes Cushing buys?

4. Who does Alice Simpson represent?

5. What does Mr. Maurrant tell the group he is going to do to his kids?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does this scene show that Mr. Buchanan is a good husband?

2. How does the audience know Mr. Maurrant's personality immediately?

3. Describe the set.

4. What has happened to Mr. Maurrant?

5. What does Mrs. Jones tell Mrs. Olsen?

6. What does Sam say when he interrupts his father and Lippo?

7. What does Willie want from his mother? Why does his mother give in?

8. What is a constant throughout the play? Why?

9. Why does Shirley get upset about Rose being friends with Sam?

10. Describe the lighting and the character in the window.

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