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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Blanche pulled her trunk?
(a) A closet
(b) The street
(c) The kitchen
(d) The center of the bedroom

2. What does Blanche ask Stella for in order to calm her nerves?
(a) A pill
(b) A cigarette
(c) A drink
(d) A glass of water

3. Who enters the apartment unnoticed as a loud train passes by?
(a) Mitch
(b) Eunice
(c) Steve
(d) Stanley

4. What does Stanley do when Stella asks them to wrap up their game?
(a) He smiles and tells her to go away
(b) He hits her in the face
(c) He says no and slaps her on the rear.
(d) He agrees and sends the men home

5. Why does Blanche think Mitch will lose interest in her?
(a) Her appearance
(b) Her lies
(c) Her background
(d) Her age

Short Answer Questions

1. Blanche begs Stella, "Don't hang back with the __________!"

2. How long has Blanche been staying with the Kowalskis?

3. What will Stanley be doing when the women are out?

4. How far did Blanche need to ride the streetcar in #6?

5. Stella is afraid that Mitch will not longer want to ________ Blanche.

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