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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Boots and Junto view Lutie?

2. What does Jones decide when he sees Lutie's look of triumph as she enters the apartment building after singing at The Casino?

3. Why wasn't Mrs. Hedges arrested when Jones reported her activities to the police?

4. Why does Jones find so much comfort in the dark basement of the apartment building?

5. After telling Lutie about Junto's proposition, what instructions does Boots give Junto when asking him to leave the apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Unfortunately, Bub's demise can be directly tied to Lutie. Despite her many attempts to keep Bub safe, she is actually the bait used to trap him. What message is the author trying to reveal with this fact?

2. At the close of Chapter 17, Lutie is desperate to escape the silence that seems to escape her. Throughout the book, Lutie seeks refuge from silence. Why does silence represent such a problem for Lutie?

3. In Chapter 13, Lutie is yet again propositioned. She's presented with the opportunity to receive free singing lessons if she'd just allow Mr. Crosse to see her a couple of times a week. Lutie refuses. What drives Lutie's determination not to exchange her body for personal advancement?

4. Describe Jones' inability to own any responsibility for the nature of his relationship with Lutie.

5. What likely explains Lutie's decision to stop discussing money with Bub (made in Chapter 13)?

6. Analyze Mrs. Hedges' state of mind.

7. Why does Jones think that Min is standing between him and Lutie? Is this assumption reasonable? Explain.

8. How does Bub's initial refusal to participate in the mail scheme reflect his character and his mother's expectations?

9. Describe the significance of the money Lutie steals from Boots in Chapter 18.

10. Throughout the book, Mrs. Hedges has been painted as a negative personality by both Jones and Lutie. On the other hand, Min and Junto regard her highly. Which perception would the author like the reader to trust?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Street explores the dynamics of racism and sexism through main character Lutie Johnson. Lutie consistently expresses her frustration and hatred toward both systems of inequality. Toward the book's end, though, Lutie considers the idea that all of her troubles might not simply be manifestations of her race and gender. Maybe she is suffering so much because of poverty. Of these three debilitating systems--racism, sexism, and poverty--which, if any, do you think is most crippling for Lutie? Or do you believe they work together to cripple her? Provide examples from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Mrs. Hedges is an unattractive woman who has been burned so badly she refuses to show her body to a single soul. Yet, she orchestrates the selling of beauty and women's bodies. In an essay, explain this contradiction and analyze the author's use of it. Specifically, explain what point the contraction makes. You may wish to incorporate some of Mrs. Hedges' other obvious contradictions.

Essay Topic 3

While Boots can certainly be considered a shady character, he has done far less to harm Lutie than either Jones or Junto. Why then do you believe it is Boots who Lutie ends up harming? Do you think this was a deliberate act on the part of the author? If so, what point was she trying to make? Did she succeed in making it?

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