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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bub react to Jones' proposal for making some extra money?

2. How do the women in the street treat Jones?

3. What conflicting impulses does Lutie experience after hearing Junto's stipulations about the money?

4. What does Mrs. Hedges tell Jones that he has growing on him?

5. What has been an effect of Lutie's hysterical fear?

Short Essay Questions

1. Jones realizes that Min has left in Chapter 16. He notes how empty his apartment feels and is especially disturbed by the absence of the table. Why is Jones' reaction ironic?

2. Analyze Mrs. Hedges' state of mind.

3. In Chapter 17, Lutie is going to visit Bub at the Children's Shelter. The day is dark and grim. How has the author used the weather to supplement the telling of this story? How does the author's decision to use weather to supplement a story's telling impact the reader?

4. Chapter 15 begins with a description of the sky. As Min looks up, she recalls that last year's skies were far more colorful. How does this contrast in the skies' colors reflect Min's life?

5. How does Bub's initial refusal to participate in the mail scheme reflect his character and his mother's expectations?

6. What likely explains Lutie's decision to stop discussing money with Bub (made in Chapter 13)?

7. At the close of Chapter 17, Lutie is desperate to escape the silence that seems to escape her. Throughout the book, Lutie seeks refuge from silence. Why does silence represent such a problem for Lutie?

8. It is both Lutie's presence and her absence that allows Jones to get a hold of Bub. Explain how this is possible.

9. Throughout the book, Mrs. Hedges has been painted as a negative personality by both Jones and Lutie. On the other hand, Min and Junto regard her highly. Which perception would the author like the reader to trust?

10. Does the author's decision to write Chapter 12 from Jones's point of view impacted the readers' impression of the character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Street presents the reader with several conflicted characters--characters who exhibit both honorable and deplorable qualities. Consider the characters and their conflicting qualities. It may be helpful to outline your ideas. Once you've completed the outline, write a brief essay analyzing these characters. In addition, give your opinion on Petry's choice to employ such characters.

Essay Topic 2

Bub is deathly afraid of the dark. It seems that darkness is always accompanied by Lutie's absence. How do you think Lutie has impacted Bub's fears? What conclusions can you draw about what Bub's life will be like now that Lutie has fled?

Essay Topic 3

The novel's title - The Street - indicates a sense of generality. The book is not given the name of a specific street. Still, it's clear that The Street is not just ANY street. In an essay, explain the loaded nature of the book's title. Be sure to address the author's decision to assign such a vague name while addressing a specific setting. Use details from the text to support your ideas.

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