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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Boots reconcile his decision to let Junto have his way with Lutie?

2. What prompts Lutie to recognize the dirt and grime in her apartment?

3. What does Boots say when Lutie calls him from the payphone?

4. How does Jones behave with Min after seeing the postman?

5. Why does Lutie find herself scolding Bub after she returns from The Casino in Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. What likely explains Lutie's decision to stop discussing money with Bub (made in Chapter 13)?

2. Jones is under the impression that Lutie would not have reacted so negatively to his advances if Min had not let the dog out. Is this an accurate assumption on Jones' part? Explain.

3. Why does Junto refusal to fight in the war?

4. How does Bub's initial refusal to participate in the mail scheme reflect his character and his mother's expectations?

5. Why does Jones think that Min is standing between him and Lutie? Is this assumption reasonable? Explain.

6. Throughout the book, Mrs. Hedges has been painted as a negative personality by both Jones and Lutie. On the other hand, Min and Junto regard her highly. Which perception would the author like the reader to trust?

7. It is both Lutie's presence and her absence that allows Jones to get a hold of Bub. Explain how this is possible.

8. At the close of Chapter 17, Lutie is desperate to escape the silence that seems to escape her. Throughout the book, Lutie seeks refuge from silence. Why does silence represent such a problem for Lutie?

9. Describe the significance of the money Lutie steals from Boots in Chapter 18.

10. Unfortunately, Bub's demise can be directly tied to Lutie. Despite her many attempts to keep Bub safe, she is actually the bait used to trap him. What message is the author trying to reveal with this fact?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Has Ann Petry written a successful novel? If so, what qualities deem it so? If not, what qualities prevent its success? Support your answer with evidence from the text and your own prior knowledge.

Essay Topic 2

Min is a fairly docile character. Even though her mind is hard at work, she rarely voices an opinion, even about her own treatment. She juxtaposes other women who are quite different in nature. Mrs. Hedges is overtly vocal about what she thinks--giving unwarranted advice at times. Lutie may not always condemn things aloud, but she does not stand for them and will respond with some sort of action. In your opinion, which of the three characters best handles life? Whose approach has brought the most freedom? In contrast, which character's life choices have resulted in a less than desirable life? Support your ideas with evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 3

The novel's title - The Street - indicates a sense of generality. The book is not given the name of a specific street. Still, it's clear that The Street is not just ANY street. In an essay, explain the loaded nature of the book's title. Be sure to address the author's decision to assign such a vague name while addressing a specific setting. Use details from the text to support your ideas.

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