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Short Answer Questions

1. What terrible event did Lutie witness on Christmas Day at the Chandlers'?

2. What worries Lutie about Boots' driving?

3. How do the orchestra members react to Lutie when Boots introduces her?

4. How do the elderly women in the neighborhood feel about The Junto?

5. Which best describes Lutie's fears about Bub's and Lil's relationship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Considering Lutie's failed marriage and Jim's inability to provide for his family, what sort of future does Boots offers Lutie?

2. Lutie leaves the butcher shop and is in light spirits. As she walks home, she notices that the women are burdened by marketing bags and on their way home to take care of their families after a long day of work. She also notes that the men lounge around watching the women. How does Lutie feels about this distinction?

3. How does Jones's decision to kick Min out after visiting Lutie's apartment reflect his mental instability?

4. How does Lutie's grandmother's insistence that the butchers in Harlem use embalming fluid to give their meat a nice fresh color reflect her grandmother's overall view of life?

5. The author paints Jones as an obsessive character. He snoops around Lutie's apartment fantasizing about her and bothering her possessions. What does this behavior seem to foreshadow?

6. In Chapter 2, Lutie returns from Mrs. Chandler's and arrives in Harlem relieved to be away from white people. How does Lutie believe that white women and men look at her?

7. How does Lutie feel after being offered the job of singer in Boots' band? What does she know for sure after the offer?

8. After leaving Jim, Lutie never reaches out to him again. How does this single fact reflect Lutie's strength?

9. Lutie slaps Bub when she sees him with a shoe shining kit. Why does a shoe shining kit inspire such rage in Lutie?

10. Boots treats Lutie as if she were prey. Does Lutie behaves as prey? Explain.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lutie becomes hysterical when she finds that her son is in possession of a shoe shining kit. She rationalizes her behavior by claiming that Bub's decision to shine shoes will ultimately lead him down a path of mediocrity. Why is Lutie unable to see the practical convenience of her son helping out with the household expenses? How does this failure to be practical reflect the effects of racism on Lutie's outlook? Do you agree with Lutie's decision not to allow her son to help her care for the family? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Considering the context of the book and the author's ideas on sexism, racism, and poverty, do you think Lutie ever had a chance at success? If she had been able to escape the role of murderer, do you think she would have made it off "The Street"? Explain your response and support it with details from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Lutie's grandmother is a significant character in The Street, despite the fact that she has passed before it's telling. How does Petry make the grandmother as concrete a character as the other living characters? What techniques do you notice that allow the reader to feel as though they "know" the grandmother? What purpose does the grandmother serve within the novel?

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