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Short Answer Questions

1. Which literary element does the author use to give the wind its power?

2. What allows Jones to conclude that Min will return home?

3. What does Jones discover when he gets home from Lutie's?

4. Why hasn't Lutie divorced Jim?

5. What do Mrs. Chandler's mother and her white friends seem to believe about black women?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Lutie hold responsible for the end of her marriage?

2. Chapter 1 outlines the dynamics of Lutie's household. Lutie's father's girlfriend, Lil, has Bub lighting her cigarettes and tasting her gin. How does Lil's behavior reflect and amplify Lutie's fears for her son?

3. In Chapter 2, Lutie returns from Mrs. Chandler's and arrives in Harlem relieved to be away from white people. How does Lutie believe that white women and men look at her?

4. How does chapter 3 illustrate the racism and sexism faced by Lutie? Provide at least 1 example of each.

5. Why does Lutie refuse to wear the blouse crushed by Jones?

6. After leaving Jim, Lutie never reaches out to him again. How does this single fact reflect Lutie's strength?

7. What is likely the reason Bub refuses to tell his mother he's afraid of the dark?

8. Chapter 2 introduces Mrs. Pizzini as the character who provides a letter of reference for Lutie. Mrs. Pizzini shares some advice with Lutie about the effects of working while raising a family: "It's best that the man do the work when the babies are young. And when the man is young. Not good for the woman to work when she's young. Not good for the man." Why does Lutie originally brush Mrs. Pizzini off and then later recall the advice over and over again?

9. Chapter 2 provides Lutie with a valuable lesson: "Anybody could be rich if he wanted to and worked hard enough and figured it out carefully enough." Still, Lutie is often discouraged by the world around her. How does the external world affect Lutie's internal life?

10. How does Lutie feel after being offered the job of singer in Boots' band? What does she know for sure after the offer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lutie becomes hysterical when she finds that her son is in possession of a shoe shining kit. She rationalizes her behavior by claiming that Bub's decision to shine shoes will ultimately lead him down a path of mediocrity. Why is Lutie unable to see the practical convenience of her son helping out with the household expenses? How does this failure to be practical reflect the effects of racism on Lutie's outlook? Do you agree with Lutie's decision not to allow her son to help her care for the family? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Mrs. Hedges is an unattractive woman who has been burned so badly she refuses to show her body to a single soul. Yet, she orchestrates the selling of beauty and women's bodies. In an essay, explain this contradiction and analyze the author's use of it. Specifically, explain what point the contraction makes. You may wish to incorporate some of Mrs. Hedges' other obvious contradictions.

Essay Topic 3

Jones is not well received by the neighborhood. His strange behaviors intensify this rejection, yet Jones makes no efforts to alter his behaviors so that he might be deemed acceptable to his neighbors. What does this refusal reflect about Jones? What does his rejection reflect about the community? How is Jones' treatment similar to Lutie's treatment, in terms of the sexism and racism she experiences? Use ideas from the text to support your answer.

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