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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why wasn't Mrs. Hedges arrested when Jones reported her activities to the police?
(a) Because Mrs. Hedges was thought to be too old to run a whorehouse.
(b) The police viewed Jones as a crazy man who was making false allegations.
(c) Because of her connections to Junto.
(d) The police did not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

2. What conflicting impulses does Lutie experience after hearing Junto's stipulations about the money?
(a) She wants to both run away from and be consoled by Boots.
(b) She wants to a hum a tune and kill a man at the same time.
(c) She wants to laugh and cry at once.
(d) She wants to be with both Junto and Boots.

3. How did Junto react to Mrs. Hedges eating chicken out of a trashcan?
(a) He grabbed the chicken out of her hand and told her to have some respect for herself.
(b) He laughed at her and pointed her out to his friends.
(c) He asked her to help him collect bottles and cans and told her he would pay her for her work.
(d) He called her a dirty old woman.

4. What does Mrs. Hedges tell Jones about Min's whereabouts after Min has been seen with the pushcart man?
(a) She tells him that Min has taken all of his belongings.
(b) She tells him that Min will be back in a while.
(c) She tells him that he was wrong to misuse Min.
(d) She tells him that Min is gone.

5. From what point of view is Chapter 12 written?
(a) From the narrator's.
(b) From Min's.
(c) From Bub's.
(d) From Jones'.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Mrs. Hedges affected by the fire?

2. Why does Boots want to dodge the draft?

3. What does Jones believe will make him "go to pieces"?

4. Why does Lutie find herself scolding Bub after she returns from The Casino in Chapter 13?

5. How does Jones interact with the men on the street?

Short Essay Questions

1. Throughout the book, Mrs. Hedges has been painted as a negative personality by both Jones and Lutie. On the other hand, Min and Junto regard her highly. Which perception would the author like the reader to trust?

2. Does the author's decision to write Chapter 12 from Jones's point of view impacted the readers' impression of the character?

3. Boots hesitates before conceding to Junto's request that Lutie be left alone. What might that slight hesitation suggest?

4. Describe Jones' inability to own any responsibility for the nature of his relationship with Lutie.

5. What likely explains Lutie's decision to stop discussing money with Bub (made in Chapter 13)?

6. What does Boots' ultimate decision to obey Junto's request to leave Lutie alone say about his character?

7. Jones realizes that Min has left in Chapter 16. He notes how empty his apartment feels and is especially disturbed by the absence of the table. Why is Jones' reaction ironic?

8. How does Bub's initial refusal to participate in the mail scheme reflect his character and his mother's expectations?

9. It is both Lutie's presence and her absence that allows Jones to get a hold of Bub. Explain how this is possible.

10. Though Min has left Jones at the end of Chapter 15, she still has thoughts of her inadequacy. What does her insinuating conversation with the pushcart man lead the reader to believe?

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