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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the black community do after the stabbing incident?
(a) They held a memorial service in his honor.
(b) They did nothing, as they knew no action would be taken seriously.
(c) They looted and vandalized the bakery the dead man had stolen bread from in retaliation of the white owner who stabbed the man.
(d) They contacted the local newspapers to voice their concerns.

2. What does Lutie assume the super has done to the dog as she leaves the apartment?
(a) Lutie assumes the super begins playing with the dog.
(b) Lutie assumes the super let the dog out to use the bathroom.
(c) Lutie assumes the super goes to feed the dog.
(d) Lutie assumes the super kicked the dog again as he did when Lutie first rang his doorbell.

3. After leaving the butcher shop, what does Lutie notice about the men who are watching the women carry their marketing bags?
(a) The men seem eager to help the women with their burdens.
(b) The men seem unimpressed by the women's strength.
(c) The men seem carefree as they watch the women who have returned from work and still have responsibilities in their own homes.
(d) The men seem concerned about unemployment.

4. What type of business does Mrs. Hedges run?
(a) A hair salon.
(b) A whorehouse.
(c) A daycare.
(d) A bootleg liquor operation.

5. What is Jones calling out in Lutie's nightmare?
(a) "I need water."
(b) "Unloose me."
(c) "Help me."
(d) "I love you."

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Min feel about Mrs. Hedges?

2. After leaving Lutie's apartment, what does Jones intend to do?

3. Why does the author choose to use animals to represent the neighborhood people in Lutie's nightmare?

4. What did Lutie find when she entered her home after receiving her father's letter?

5. What type of peace offering does Lutie offer Bub after slapping him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Junto's means to the different people in the neighborhood.

2. What does Lutie feels she sees in the eyes of the neighborhood people, specifically the people she sees in the emergency room?

3. In Chapter 1, what idea does the author hope to represent with the shrinking canary, dog, and woman in Jones' apartment?

4. Considering Lutie's failed marriage and Jim's inability to provide for his family, what sort of future does Boots offers Lutie?

5. Why does Lutie refuse to wear the blouse crushed by Jones?

6. While riding with Boots, Lutie comes to the conclusion that it would be better to be born with no brain than to understand everything you cannot reach. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

7. Describe how Jones and Lutie view one another.

8. How does Min's relationship with Jones reflect the relationships in her past?

9. The author paints Jones as an obsessive character. He snoops around Lutie's apartment fantasizing about her and bothering her possessions. What does this behavior seem to foreshadow?

10. Chapter 2 provides Lutie with a valuable lesson: "Anybody could be rich if he wanted to and worked hard enough and figured it out carefully enough." Still, Lutie is often discouraged by the world around her. How does the external world affect Lutie's internal life?

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