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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Lutie infuriated by Mrs. Hedges' mention of the nice white gentleman, Mr. Junto?
(a) Lutie hates when Mrs. Hedges tries to make small talk with her.
(b) Lutie is disgusted by Mrs. Hedges' line of business.
(c) Lutie knows that Junto is the reason her singing career did not work out.
(d) Lutie knows that Junto and Mrs. Hedges are plotting against her.

2. Why does Junto want to see Boots before he leaves the club with Lutie?
(a) Junto wants to tell Boots about a death in his family.
(b) Junto wants to tell Boots to keep his hands off Lutie.
(c) Junto wants to tell Boots about his upcoming surgery.
(d) Junto wants to tell Boots about an upcoming business venture.

3. What does Jones believe will make him "go to pieces"?
(a) He believes he will go to pieces if Mrs. Hedges doesn't let him in her apartment.
(b) He believes he will go to pieces if Lutie refuses to be with him.
(c) He believes he will go to pieces without Min.
(d) He believes he will go to pieces if he continues to see crosses all around him.

4. How does Jones interact with the men on the street?
(a) He fights with them.
(b) He talks with them about manual labor.
(c) He tries to converse with them, but eventually they walk away from him.
(d) He ignores them and they do the same.

5. What has been an effect of Lutie's hysterical fear?
(a) The fear made her see things that don't exist and feel things that aren't there.
(b) The fear has pushed her away from Bub.
(c) The fear has made her long for her husband.
(d) The fear has made her afraid to go outside of her house.

6. What does Min decide to do about her miserable life with Jones?
(a) Min decides to have an affair.
(b) Min decides to go see The Prophet, David.
(c) Min decides to leave Jones without telling him anything.
(d) Min decides to try harder to make the relationship work.

7. From what point of view is Chapter 12 written?
(a) From Jones'.
(b) From the narrator's.
(c) From Bub's.
(d) From Min's.

8. What does Mrs. Hedges recall when Lutie leaves her apartment?
(a) The fire and her life before it.
(b) That she has a dish in the oven.
(c) That Min is alone in the apartment with Jones.
(d) The message she was supposed to give Lutie.

9. What does Jones decide when he sees Lutie's look of triumph as she enters the apartment building after singing at The Casino?
(a) That he can no longer live his life in basements and dark corners.
(b) That he will have her that night.
(c) That he must kick Min out of his apartment.
(d) That he loves her.

10. What does Bub do that makes him believe he will have to quit the mail scheme?
(a) He lies to an elderly lady without hesitation.
(b) He gets into a fight.
(c) He is unable to afford a gift for Lutie.
(d) He is fearful Mrs. Hedges will tell Lutie what he's doing.

11. What is the reader able to gather from Jones' disjointed thoughts as he rages about his encounter with Lutie and Mrs. Hedges?
(a) Jones is on medication.
(b) Jones never graduated from high school.
(c) Jones is mentally unstable.
(d) Jones is an artist.

12. How does Miss Rinner feel about her students and their families?
(a) She's supportive of their struggles.
(b) She can easily identify with them.
(c) She's fond of them.
(d) She's disgusted and scared of them.

13. What does Boots say when Lutie calls him from the payphone?
(a) He pretends not to know who she is.
(b) He tells her he wants to see her and invites her to his apartment.
(c) He hangs up the telephone.
(d) He tells her he is on his way to get her.

14. How does Min mark the change in Jones' behavior since Lutie surfaced?
(a) Min thinks that Jones' behavior took a turn for the worse when he got his dog.
(b) Min says Jones has behaved badly since Mrs. Hedges denied him access to her apartment.
(c) Min says that Jones has behaved badly since last winter.
(d) Min says that since Lutie has paid her deposit, Jones has not acted the same.

15. What does Mrs. Hedges tell Jones that he has growing on him?
(a) Wildness.
(b) Mold.
(c) Anger.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the neighborhood people feel when Bub is taken away by the postal investigators?

2. How does Jones behave with Min after seeing the postman?

3. How does Boots reconcile his decision to let Junto have his way with Lutie?

4. What impression is Lutie left with after she explains her predicament to Boots and leaves his apartment building?

5. Why does Boots want to dodge the draft?

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