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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Min explain the vial of scarlet liquid to Jones?
(a) She says that it's a supplement from the root doctor.
(b) She says that it is heart medicine.
(c) She says that it is nail polish remover.
(d) She says that she's never seen it before.

2. What does Bub do that makes him believe he will have to quit the mail scheme?
(a) He is fearful Mrs. Hedges will tell Lutie what he's doing.
(b) He gets into a fight.
(c) He is unable to afford a gift for Lutie.
(d) He lies to an elderly lady without hesitation.

3. Which statement best describes Jones' conclusion about Lutie?
(a) That she is not worth all the trouble he's been putting himself through.
(b) That she is too wrapped up in her son.
(c) That she is in love with a white man and black men are not good enough for her.
(d) It is likely that she is secretly in love with him.

4. Why is Lutie infuriated by Mrs. Hedges' mention of the nice white gentleman, Mr. Junto?
(a) Lutie knows that Junto is the reason her singing career did not work out.
(b) Lutie hates when Mrs. Hedges tries to make small talk with her.
(c) Lutie knows that Junto and Mrs. Hedges are plotting against her.
(d) Lutie is disgusted by Mrs. Hedges' line of business.

5. What does Bub plan to do with the money he's earned from the mail scheme?
(a) Do some grocery shopping for the house.
(b) Buy himself a new pair of shoes.
(c) Go see a movie.
(d) Buy Lutie a gift.

6. How was Mrs. Hedges affected by the fire?
(a) She was badly scarred.
(b) She became deathly afraid of fire.
(c) She began having nightmares after her close friend died in the fire.
(d) She vowed never to live alone again.

7. Which statement best describes Boots' feelings about white people?
(a) He admires their business sense.
(b) He is indifferent to white people.
(c) He hates them passionately.
(d) He loves them.

8. What does Lutie believe lies ahead for Bub since being taken away by the postal investigators?
(a) She thinks he'll be sent to a reform school.
(b) She thinks this will all blow over.
(c) She thinks this will lead him to join a gang.
(d) She thinks he'll have to go live with his father.

9. How does Lutie respond to Junto's stipulations about the money?
(a) She accepts his offer.
(b) She storms out of the apartment.
(c) She yells at Boots to get Junto out of the apartment.
(d) She begins to cry hysterically.

10. What does Jones believe about the cross hanging over Min's bed?
(a) He believes that it will cause him to die.
(b) He believes that it is evil.
(c) He believes that it stands between him and Lutie.
(d) He believes that it is encouraging Min to leave him.

11. How does Min mark the change in Jones' behavior since Lutie surfaced?
(a) Min says that Jones has behaved badly since last winter.
(b) Min says that since Lutie has paid her deposit, Jones has not acted the same.
(c) Min says Jones has behaved badly since Mrs. Hedges denied him access to her apartment.
(d) Min thinks that Jones' behavior took a turn for the worse when he got his dog.

12. Why does Jones find so much comfort in the dark basement of the apartment building?
(a) He has spent so much time in similar places.
(b) He likes the silence it offers.
(c) He likes the cloak of darkness.
(d) He feels invisible there.

13. How do the women in the street treat Jones?
(a) They don't pay any attention to him.
(b) They smile at his presence.
(c) They wave and ask him to walk them home.
(d) They holler at him to get himself together.

14. Why does Mrs. Hedges refuse Junto's advances?
(a) She doesn't believe that Junto is sincere.
(b) She thinks he's too young for her.
(c) She doesn't want him to see her body.
(d) She's not attracted to Junto.

15. What does Mrs. Hedges tell Jones about Min's whereabouts after Min has been seen with the pushcart man?
(a) She tells him that Min is gone.
(b) She tells him that Min will be back in a while.
(c) She tells him that Min has taken all of his belongings.
(d) She tells him that he was wrong to misuse Min.

Short Answer Questions

1. What conflicting impulses does Lutie experience after hearing Junto's stipulations about the money?

2. How does Bub react to Jones' proposal for making some extra money?

3. What does Boots discover upon coming home from The Pullman?

4. Why is Jones angry with Min after his encounter with Lutie and Mrs. Hedges?

5. What does Mrs. Hedges recall when Lutie leaves her apartment?

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