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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lutie becomes furious when she sees Bub doing what?
(a) Playing with the neighborhood boys.
(b) Holding a shoe shining kit.
(c) Fighing in the street.
(d) Smoking cigarettes with Jones.

2. How does Lutie feel about Mrs. Chandler?
(a) She thinks Mrs. Chandler is not very intelligent.
(b) She thinks Mrs. Chandler is heavily medicated.
(c) She thinks Mrs. Chandler is an unattractive woman.
(d) She believes Mrs. Chandler is nice but that she lacks interest in her family.

3. How does Bub feel about the school lunches?
(a) He hates the school lunches.
(b) The school lunches are always gone by the time he's ready to eat.
(c) He loves the school lunches.
(d) The school lunches are too expensive.

4. What does Bub contemplate while his mother is gone to sing for the orchestra members at The Casino?
(a) How he can express his fear of the dark to her.
(b) How he can make some extra money without angering her.
(c) How he can get out of eating the school lunch.
(d) How he can relay to Jones his mother's demand that the man no longer enter the apartment.

5. How does Jones feel about the possibility of Min leaving him?
(a) He doesn't care too much about Min leaving him.
(b) He hates the idea of Min leaving him.
(c) He's happy to see her go.
(d) He doesn't believe it will ever happen.

6. After waking up from her nightmare about Jones and the neighborhood, how does Lutie feel?
(a) She feels defeated.
(b) She feels a new resolve to move Bub into a better neighborhood.
(c) She feels determined to go through with the end of her marriage.
(d) She feels trapped.

7. Which best illustrates how Lutie shared the news about her new job at the Chandlers' with Jim?
(a) She read Jim the letter in a monotone voice, sure not to express her joy.
(b) She expressed the contents of the letter with Jim and explained how happy she was.
(c) She showed Jim the letter but did not share her joy.
(d) She showed Jim the letter and jumped into his arms with excitement.

8. After leaving Lutie's apartment, what does Jones intend to do?
(a) Jones intends to find Lutie and ask her out on a date.
(b) Jones intends to do a maintenance check throughout the apartment building.
(c) Jones intends to kick Min out of his apartment.
(d) Jones intends to go to sleep after a long day's work.

9. What does Lutie fantasize about while standing outside the super's apartment?
(a) Lutie fantasizes about Bub getting into trouble inside the apartment building.
(b) Lutie fantasizes about the appearance of the superintendent--she imagines him being extremely tall and gruesome looking.
(c) Lutie fantasizes about running out of the apartment building and finding a better place to live.
(d) Lutie fantasizes about cots in the hallway to accommodate more renters and about the woman in the window being a snake charmer.

10. Why does Bub ask Lutie if he can read while she's at The Casino?
(a) He just got a new book from the library.
(b) He needs to catch up on some school work.
(c) He wants to occupy his mind.
(d) He's afraid of the dark.

11. How does Jones feel about Mrs. Hedges?
(a) He likes her more than anyone in the neighborhood.
(b) He thinks she's a valuable member of the community.
(c) He strongly dislikes her.
(d) He doesn't pay much attention to her.

12. After returning from her visit with David, what does Min do differently at home?
(a) She refuses to cook.
(b) She slams the door rather than closing it quietly.
(c) She ignores Jones's requests for dinner.
(d) She tosses things about in the bedroom.

13. How might the relationship between Mrs. Chandler and Lutie be described?
(a) Mrs. Chandler behaved angrily in private and pretended to be nice to Lutie in public.
(b) Mrs. Chandler seemed to be Lutie's friend in private, but then publicly dismissed her to establish Lutie's status as the hired help.
(c) Mrs. Chandler ignored Lutie in private and paid special attention to her in public.
(d) Mrs. Chandler's behavior did not differ privately or publicly.

14. What's wrong with Min's feet?
(a) Min has terrible bunions.
(b) Min's feet are too small for her body.
(c) Min is pigeon-toed.
(d) Min's feet have a terrible odor.

15. What saves Lutie from Boots' first exhibition of his sexual intentions?
(a) She jumps out of the car screaming.
(b) She begins crying frantically.
(c) She points out the time which reminds Boots he has someplace to be.
(d) A stranger walks up to the car and asks for a ride.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Min feel about Mrs. Hedges?

2. How does Min's preacher dismiss her concerns?

3. Which character is the first to be introduced?

4. What did Jones tell the police about Mrs. Hedges?

5. How do the orchestra members behave toward Lutie after they hear her sing?

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