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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the letter from Lutie's father say?
(a) "Dear Lutie: You better come home. Lil has passed away and I need your help."
(b) "Dear Lutie: You better come home. Jim's found a job and there's no need for you to work so much anymore."
(c) "Dear Lutie: You better come home. Jim's been carrying on with another woman. Pop."
(d) "Dear Lutie: You better come home. Bub's grades are suffering since you've been gone.

2. While in Connecticut, what valuable lesson does Lutie learn?
(a) "...Not everyone can be rich. It requires a lot of hard work."
(b) "...Black people will never be rich since it requires too much hard work and planning."
(c) "...Being rich is simple. It does not require much work at all."
(d) "...anybody could be rich if he wanted to and worked hard enough and figured it out carefully enough."

3. Who approaches Lutie just as she is about to leave Junto's?
(a) Mrs. Hedges.
(b) Bub, her son.
(c) Boots Smith.
(d) Jim, her husband.

4. What did Lutie find when she entered her home after receiving her father's letter?
(a) A woman in her bed.
(b) Her father and Lil visiting the family.
(c) A woman in her house cooking supper.
(d) Bub and Jim playing cards.

5. How might the relationship between Mrs. Chandler and Lutie be described?
(a) Mrs. Chandler behaved angrily in private and pretended to be nice to Lutie in public.
(b) Mrs. Chandler ignored Lutie in private and paid special attention to her in public.
(c) Mrs. Chandler seemed to be Lutie's friend in private, but then publicly dismissed her to establish Lutie's status as the hired help.
(d) Mrs. Chandler's behavior did not differ privately or publicly.

6. How does Lutie feel once arriving home from singing for the orchestra at The Casino?
(a) Lonely.
(b) Angry.
(c) Triumphant.
(d) Exhausted.

7. Now that Lutie and Bub live alone, what is her biggest fear about leaving her son without supervision?
(a) She's afraid their relationship will fall apart.
(b) She's afraid of the traffic he'll encounter while running around outside.
(c) She's afraid Bub will get caught up in gang life.
(d) She's afraid that he will perform his chores without someone to stay on top of him.

8. Which of the following is a job Jones has held?
(a) Lounge singer.
(b) Night watchman.
(c) Mechanic.
(d) Cashier.

9. Lutie becomes furious when she sees Bub doing what?
(a) Playing with the neighborhood boys.
(b) Holding a shoe shining kit.
(c) Fighing in the street.
(d) Smoking cigarettes with Jones.

10. Which statement best describes Jones's emotions?
(a) Indifference, consistently preventing him from connecting with people.
(b) Anger, always on the verge of erupting.
(c) Hopelessness, often stopping any personal progress.
(d) Happiness, easily read all over his face.

11. Which choice best illustrates the setting of the book?
(a) New York City on a stormy night in November of 1944.
(b) New York City on a cold and windy day in November of 1944.
(c) New York City on a hot and humid day in June of 1944.
(d) Brooklyn on a cold and windy day in November of 1944.

12. How does Min feel after visiting the root doctor?
(a) She is sad to be home again.
(b) She has a new determination.
(c) She realizes the root doctor was a fool and is ashamed to have believed in him.
(d) She is hopeful that Jones will change.

13. While washing her blouse and realizing Jones has been through her possessions, what is Lutie sure of?
(a) That she misses her husband, Jim.
(b) That she must confront Jones.
(c) That she is deathly afraid of Jones.
(d) That she will not wear the blouse for a very long time.

14. How does Min feel about Mrs. Hedges?
(a) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a smart business woman.
(b) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a nosy busybody.
(c) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a dangerous companion.
(d) Min likes Mrs. Hedges.

15. As she exists the train on her way to the butcher shop, how does Lutie account for many of her problems?
(a) Lutie feels like the majority of her problems have to do with Bub.
(b) Lutie feels like all of her problems would fade if she had more money.
(c) Lutie feels like her problems are only temporary.
(d) Lutie blames most of her problems on her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. What terrible event did Lutie witness on Christmas Day at the Chandlers'?

2. Who calls for Boots as he is leaving The Casino?

3. What does Boots tell Lutie when she asks him how he avoided the draft?

4. Which best illustrates how Lutie shared the news about her new job at the Chandlers' with Jim?

5. What is Jones calling out in Lutie's nightmare?

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