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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of advice does Mrs. Hedges offer Min?
(a) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to go see The Prophet David who is a root doctor.
(b) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to come work for her.
(c) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to leave Jones.
(d) Mrs. Hedges promises that things will get better with time.

2. What does Lutie recall after waking from her nightmare about Jones and the neighborhood?
(a) Finding a crowd around a man who had been stabbed to death.
(b) A time when she was not so worried about money.
(c) Her drive with Boots.
(d) Living with her husband and not having to worry about men like Jones.

3. How does Lutie feel about Bub shining shoes?
(a) She thinks it's a healthy way to teach him some responsibility.
(b) She believes if he shines shoes at this age, he'll be performing other low paying menial jobs when he's a grown man.
(c) She thinks it's inappropriate for a young boy to have a job while in school.
(d) She thinks the job reflects Bub's low self esteem.

4. How does Jones feel about Mrs. Hedges?
(a) He likes her more than anyone in the neighborhood.
(b) He strongly dislikes her.
(c) He thinks she's a valuable member of the community.
(d) He doesn't pay much attention to her.

5. Which literary element does the author use to give the wind its power?
(a) Symbolism.
(b) Foreshadowing.
(c) Alliteration.
(d) Personification.

6. How does driving his car make Boots feel?
(a) Like a hypocrite.
(b) Like a superstar.
(c) Like a good mechanic.
(d) Like he can conquer the world.

7. What does Lutie think about Jones?
(a) Lutie thinks Jones is immature.
(b) Lutie thinks Jones is a stand-up guy.
(c) Lutie thinks Jones is obsessed with her.
(d) Lutie thinks Jones is less than human.

8. Why does Lutie drop the subject of the draft when she knows Boots is lying?
(a) The topic seems to irritate Boots.
(b) Boots asks her why she asks so many questions.
(c) She's really not interested.
(d) She realizes that she is hungry and asks Boots to take her for a bite to eat.

9. How does Min feel about Mrs. Hedges?
(a) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a nosy busybody.
(b) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a dangerous companion.
(c) Min thinks Mrs. Hedges is a smart business woman.
(d) Min likes Mrs. Hedges.

10. What does Lutie fantasize about while standing outside the super's apartment?
(a) Lutie fantasizes about running out of the apartment building and finding a better place to live.
(b) Lutie fantasizes about cots in the hallway to accommodate more renters and about the woman in the window being a snake charmer.
(c) Lutie fantasizes about Bub getting into trouble inside the apartment building.
(d) Lutie fantasizes about the appearance of the superintendent--she imagines him being extremely tall and gruesome looking.

11. Why does the author choose to use animals to represent the neighborhood people in Lutie's nightmare?
(a) She uses this metaphor to emphasize Lutie's fear.
(b) She uses this metaphor to reflect the helplessness of the people.
(c) She uses this metaphor to reflect the poor treatment of black people.
(d) She uses this metaphor to show the barbaric nature of the people.

12. What type of peace offering does Lutie offer Bub after slapping him?
(a) Lutie scrapes together the money for him to go to a movie and sends him on his way.
(b) Lutie allows Bub to stay up past his bedtime.
(c) Lutie promises to buy Bub a new pair of shoes.
(d) Lutie makes Bub a big dinner.

13. How does Min feel after visiting the root doctor?
(a) She has a new determination.
(b) She is sad to be home again.
(c) She is hopeful that Jones will change.
(d) She realizes the root doctor was a fool and is ashamed to have believed in him.

14. How does the reporter describe the man who was stabbed to death?
(a) Despite his slim figure, he describes him as a "burly negro."
(b) He describes him as "desperate and lonely."
(c) He describes him a "clean cut business man."
(d) He describes him a "handsome fellow."

15. Why does Bub ask Lutie if he can read while she's at The Casino?
(a) He's afraid of the dark.
(b) He needs to catch up on some school work.
(c) He just got a new book from the library.
(d) He wants to occupy his mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which best illustrates how Lutie shared the news about her new job at the Chandlers' with Jim?

2. What disturbs Lutie about the woman sitting at the open window at the apartment building?

3. Why does Lutie visit Junto's?

4. How did Mrs. Hedges once embarrass Jones?

5. How does Jones feel about the possibility of Min leaving him?

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