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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Granny, how do the meats in the butcher shop keep their fresh color?
(a) She says that the butchers use food coloring.
(b) She says that butchers in Harlem use embalming fluid to give the meat a nice fresh color.
(c) She says that the butchers only display the freshest meat.
(d) She says that the butchers freeze the meat nightly.

2. What does Lutie ask of Mrs. Pizzini?
(a) Lutie asks Mrs. Pizzini for a ride to the Chandlers'.
(b) Lutie asks Mrs. Pizzini to write her a letter of reference since she has no work experience.
(c) Lutie asks Mrs. Pizzini for marital advice.
(d) Lutie asks Mrs. Pizzini for a job at her vegetable market.

3. Which best illustrates how Lutie shared the news about her new job at the Chandlers' with Jim?
(a) She showed Jim the letter and jumped into his arms with excitement.
(b) She read Jim the letter in a monotone voice, sure not to express her joy.
(c) She showed Jim the letter but did not share her joy.
(d) She expressed the contents of the letter with Jim and explained how happy she was.

4. How does Lutie feel about Bub shining shoes?
(a) She believes if he shines shoes at this age, he'll be performing other low paying menial jobs when he's a grown man.
(b) She thinks it's inappropriate for a young boy to have a job while in school.
(c) She thinks it's a healthy way to teach him some responsibility.
(d) She thinks the job reflects Bub's low self esteem.

5. What does Boots remind Lutie of?
(a) Of a cat stalking its prey.
(b) Of a foolish man with an outrageous dream.
(c) Of a dog in heat.
(d) Of a stand-up man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lutie visit Junto's?

2. How does Lutie feel about Mrs. Chandler?

3. How did Mrs. Chandler recognize Lutie in the train station?

4. Which literary element does the author use to give the wind its power?

5. How do the elderly women in the neighborhood feel about The Junto?

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