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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Lutie so adamant about moving?
(a) Lutie has just received a raise and wants a bigger place.
(b) Bub has been accepted to a new school.
(c) Lutie wants to get Bub away from Lil who drinks and smokes.
(d) She hates her neighborhood.

2. While in Connecticut, what valuable lesson does Lutie learn?
(a) "...anybody could be rich if he wanted to and worked hard enough and figured it out carefully enough."
(b) "...Not everyone can be rich. It requires a lot of hard work."
(c) "...Being rich is simple. It does not require much work at all."
(d) "...Black people will never be rich since it requires too much hard work and planning."

3. What type of advice does Mrs. Hedges offer Min?
(a) Mrs. Hedges promises that things will get better with time.
(b) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to come work for her.
(c) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to leave Jones.
(d) Mrs. Hedges tells Min to go see The Prophet David who is a root doctor.

4. According to Granny, how do the meats in the butcher shop keep their fresh color?
(a) She says that butchers in Harlem use embalming fluid to give the meat a nice fresh color.
(b) She says that the butchers use food coloring.
(c) She says that the butchers freeze the meat nightly.
(d) She says that the butchers only display the freshest meat.

5. What effect does Lutie have on Jones?
(a) She makes him see the importance of having a wife.
(b) She makes him realize he doesn't love Min.
(c) She makes him more aware of his lonliness.
(d) She makes him long for home.

Short Answer Questions

1. After leaving the butcher shop, what does Lutie notice about the men who are watching the women carry their marketing bags?

2. What does Lutie notice about the super as he writes out her receipt?

3. After leaving Lutie's apartment, what does Jones intend to do?

4. How does Min's preacher dismiss her concerns?

5. What type of business does Mrs. Hedges run?

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