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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jones do when Lutie tries to unchain him in her dream?
(a) He places her in the chains.
(b) He eats her arm with his dog mouth.
(c) He thanks her profusely.
(d) He tries to kiss her.

2. Why does Jones find so much comfort in the dark basement of the apartment building?
(a) He likes the cloak of darkness.
(b) He likes the silence it offers.
(c) He has spent so much time in similar places.
(d) He feels invisible there.

3. What does Jones discover when he gets home from Lutie's?
(a) He discovers that Min and another man are in his apartment.
(b) He discovers that his electricity has been shut off.
(c) He discovers that Min has prepared a fabulous dinner.
(d) He discovers that Min isn't home and that all her best clothes are gone.

4. How did Mrs. Hedges meet Junto?
(a) Mrs. Hedges met Junto when she decided to apply for a job at The Casino.
(b) Mrs. Hedges met Junto through her dead father.
(c) Mrs. Hedges met Junto when she was scrounging for food and clothing after the fire.
(d) Mrs. Hedges met Junto when he asked her about the services she provided.

5. Why hasn't Lutie divorced Jim?
(a) She still loves him.
(b) She can't afford it.
(c) She does not believe in divorce.
(d) She can't find the time to file the paperwork.

Short Answer Questions

1. What saves Lutie from Boots' first exhibition of his sexual intentions?

2. While washing her blouse and realizing Jones has been through her possessions, what is Lutie sure of?

3. Which of the following is a job Jones has held?

4. How does driving his car make Boots feel?

5. How do the elderly women in the neighborhood feel about The Junto?

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