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The Street

The book refers to this place where residents are poor and beaten down by life's circumstances.

Junto's Bar and Grill

One of the few places where the people in the Harlem area can find a certain measure of escape and serves as both a social club and meeting place.

White Blouse

Lutie feels violated when she finds that this object has been crushed by Jones.

The Casino

Owned by Junto, Boots and his orchestra perform here. It is also where Lutie sings with the orchestra.

Kitchen in Connecticut

It was here that Lutie developed the optimistic outlook that with hard work and careful planning, she could succeed in life.

Min's Table

This object was given to Min by a white woman who employed Min as a maid.


A small, airless, dingy place with a single window overlooking backyards that have turned into junk piles.

Boots' Car

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