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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 begins with the use of personification. The wind is described as a human force capable of picking up things. Later, metaphors are used to describe the effects of Jones' apartment. The objective here is to have students identify metaphors (including similes and personification) and then to use them in descriptions of their own.


Activity 1 - Have students comb through Chapter one and identify metaphors used by author Ann Petry. Remind students that metaphors also include similes and personification. What qualifies a description as a metaphor? A simile? Personification? Ask students to share their findings with the class.

Activity 2 - Have students create 4 or more metaphors. It may help to have students begin by creating metaphors based on the ones found in Chapter 1 of The Street. Gradually encourage students to branch out and create original metaphors.

Activity 3 - In a class discussion, have students...

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