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Essay Topic 1

The Street explores the dynamics of racism and sexism through main character Lutie Johnson. Lutie consistently expresses her frustration and hatred toward both systems of inequality. Toward the book's end, though, Lutie considers the idea that all of her troubles might not simply be manifestations of her race and gender. Maybe she is suffering so much because of poverty. Of these three debilitating systems--racism, sexism, and poverty--which, if any, do you think is most crippling for Lutie? Or do you believe they work together to cripple her? Provide examples from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Jones suffers from some sort of mental disease. This fact is noted throughout The Street. Still, not one of the characters suggests that Jones might seek professional help for his condition. Why do you think the characters just dismiss Jones' state as hopeless? Why do you think Jones...

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