The Street Character Descriptions

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Lutie Johnson

A young, single parent living in Harlem, New York who has defied the odds and works as a civil servant clerk.


An innocent but streetwise child who is terrified of the dark.

Jones, The Super

The apartment building's superintendent who finds it difficult to interact with people.


This character believes that a woman cannot make it on her own.

Mrs. Hedges

A nosy busybody who runs a whorehouse.


This character is the owner of many businesses throughout Harlem.

Boots Smith

An orchestra member who seems to have more than enough money to throw around.


This character passed away before the novel began, but plays a significant part in the main character's life.

Mrs Chandler

The very wealthy person that lives in Connecticut and employs the novel's protagonist at one point.


This character finds it impossible to find work that will pay...

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