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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When talking to Billy out "quality of talent," what is Carlyle referring to in regard to Richie and other men in the unit?
(a) If Richie has "turned" anyone else in the unit gay.
(b) If Billy thinks Richie likes Carlyle.
(c) If Billy has slept with Richie or anyone else in the unit.
(d) If there are any other gays in the unit.

2. What does Roger make Billy do when Billy tells him he is "sick-like"?
(a) Take a shower.
(b) Take some of his pills.
(c) Push-ups.
(d) Drink a beer.

3. After discussing what has happened to Martin, what does Richie offer to Carlyle?
(a) A cigarette.
(b) A book.
(c) A beer.
(d) A hug.

4. What does Roger take out of his locker to put on before leaving the base?
(a) A duster coat.
(b) Sunglasses.
(c) A smoking jacket.
(d) A cowboy hat.

5. When Billy throws a basketball at Richie, what does the basketball knock out of Richie's hand?
(a) Foot powder.
(b) A bottle of cologne.
(c) The Playboy.
(d) A towel.

6. After Billy and Roger leave to go play basketball, what does Richie to to Billy's bed?
(a) Tears up the Playboy and throws the pieces all over his bed.
(b) Pulls all of the sheets off.
(c) Climbs in naked and rubs himself all over the sheets.
(d) Sprays cologne all over it.

7. What does Roger say will help Billy become tougher?
(a) Boxing.
(b) Becoming an S.P.
(c) Learning a "fall-away" jumper.
(d) Becoming a bouncer.

8. What comment does Billy make about the waitress that makes Roger laugh at him?
(a) Billy says the black-haired waitress is smart.
(b) Billy thinks she likes Roger.
(c) Billy thinks she would make a good mother.
(d) Billy says she likes him.

9. Why does Carlyle tell Billy he will be fine in battle?
(a) He does not care if he dies.
(b) He has been dodging bullets his whole life.
(c) He plans on going AWOL and never going to war.
(d) He plans on becoming a traitor once in Vietnam.

10. When Carlyle begins to flirt drunkenly with Richie, what does he do?
(a) Carlyle starts kissing Richie.
(b) Carlyle runs is hands through Richie's hair.
(c) Carlyle starts hugging Richie.
(d) Caryle starts rubbing Richie's back.

11. After calling Richie "Eddie," what does Richie say his friends call him?
(a) Jack.
(b) Bob.
(c) Mary.
(d) Irene.

12. While discussing Richie's homosexuality, what does Carlyle claim he can "see" of Billy's?
(a) His heart.
(b) His scar.
(c) His "inner-gay."
(d) His soul.

13. Why does Billy get angry when Richie questions him about a story he told about a friend turning gay?
(a) Richie has heard this story before.
(b) Because Richie asks Billy if he thinks he could "turn gay."
(c) Richie asks Billy if he (Billy) is who turned gay.
(d) Richie tells Billy he is lying.

14. Where does Richie tell Carlyle the "real Richie" has gone?
(a) California.
(b) Hell.
(c) Manhattan.
(d) Flordia.

15. Carlyle has entered Richie's room looking for Roger. What does Richie do to make Carlyle think that Richie is going to hit on him?
(a) Closes the bunk room door.
(b) Starts taking his clothes off.
(c) Richie starts to stroke Carlyle's arm.
(d) Richie starts to wink at Carlyle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carlyle ask Richie if he is?

2. Whose bed is Carlyle lying on when Billy comes back from the gym?

3. How much money does Richie loan Carlyle?

4. What is Richie's duty job in the Army?

5. What does Carlyle call Roger throughout the play?

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