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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Cokes, what makes the "gooks" yellow?
(a) Too much beer.
(b) Old booze and urinating in the water supply.
(c) Yellow fever as children.
(d) Rice.

2. What does Roger claim will happen to Sarge (Rooney) within one year?
(a) He will die in action in the war.
(b) He will drink himself to death.
(c) He will blow himself up.
(d) He will be dishonorably discharged.

3. What kind of powder does Richie use for his rashes?
(a) Baking powder.
(b) Army issue medicated powder.
(c) Baby powder.
(d) Foot powder.

4. At the end of Act 1, what does Richie do to Carlyle to get Billy to yell at him?
(a) Richie lies down beside Carlyle.
(b) Richie kisses Carlyle.
(c) Richie kicks Carlyle.
(d) Richie covers up Carlyle and pats his arm.

5. Because of O'Flannigan's accident, what song was he unable to sing?
(a) Screamers.
(b) Beautiful Streamers.
(c) Beautiful Screamers.
(d) Streamers.

6. What did Cokes do to the man in the spider hole?
(a) Aimed his rifle down the hole and opened fire.
(b) Threw in a gernade, sat on the lid, and waited for it to blow.
(c) Threw the contents from his latrine down the hole onto the man.
(d) Nothing, he was taken by a medic back to the camp.

7. How are Cokes's boots different from everyone else's?
(a) Cokes does not wear boots; he wears dress shoes.
(b) Cokes's boots are brown.
(c) Cokes wears jungle boots.
(d) Cokes's boots have a bullet hole in them.

8. Who does Billy claim is a beautiful screamer?
(a) Richie.
(b) Rooney.
(c) Cokes.
(d) Roger.

9. As Cokes and Rooney are telling the men about their past, what do they say happened to O'Flannigan?
(a) During a jump gone bad, he broke both of his legs and the Army sent him home.
(b) He did not pack his shoot properly, and it did not deploy.
(c) He turned on his fellow soliders, and they pushed him out of a plane.
(d) He pulled the shoot release at 500 feet and died.

10. What does Roger get caught looking at in Richie's footlocker?
(a) A picture of a naked man.
(b) A wallet.
(c) A letter from the Army.
(d) A pin-up girl's picture.

11. What division of the Army have Rooney and Cokes been in together?
(a) 101st Airborne.
(b) JAG.
(c) Special Ops.
(d) The Seals.

12. Why does Richie believe the suicide attempt was made?
(a) For attention.
(b) To really cause death.
(c) To get out of the military.
(d) For a diagnosis of mental illness.

13. Why does Billy threaten Richie while they are mopping the bunks?
(a) Because Billy caught Richie smoking pot.
(b) Because Richie keeps making advances towards him (flirting).
(c) Because Richie is not working hard enough.
(d) Because he is afraid Richie will tell the Army he is homosexual.

14. After lights out, why does Carlyle say he is crawling on the floor?
(a) He is pretending he is at war and crawling through rice paddies.
(b) Carlyle says he is practicing his duties: "the low crawl."
(c) He has found a mouse and is following it home.
(d) He has gone mad and reverted to child-like behaviors.

15. Why does Richie think that Roger would understand problems associated with being homosexual?
(a) Because Richie states that blacks are supposed to be understanding about human struggles.
(b) Because Roger's brother is homosexual, and Roger should be understanding.
(c) Because Roger has secrets comparable to hiding one's sexual orientation.
(d) Because Richie believes that Roger is a homosexual and just not telling anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Carlyle refuse to get off of the floor and into bed?

2. What is the one threat (as stated by the stage directions) that all of the men share?

3. As Richie is discussing the war with Billy and Roger, who does he claim hangs snakes by the tail in dark caves waiting for soldiers to enter and be bitten?

4. What is Richie's sexual orientation?

5. What problem does Carlyle have with all of the officers in the Army?

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