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Objective: It is of the utmost importance that readers thoroughly understand each character. Billy is a character who is staunch in his beliefs and morality. The objective of this lesson is to examine Billy in depth.

1. Small group discussion. In groups of two to three, discuss the following questions: What kind of person is Billy? What are Billy's beliefs? What makes Billy a good solider? and How do you know this?

2. Whole class discussion. As a class, discuss Billy's dialogue: the meaning, the context, and any hidden messages.
"I was as tall as I am, I was marchin'."
"Can you imagine being in combat with Richie--people blastin' away at you--he'd probably want to hold your hand."
"Get inside your locker and shut the door and don't holler for help."
"It's in your eyes; I seen it."
"Now this is level, Rich; this is straight talk."
"He is...

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