Streamers Character Descriptions

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Carlyle - This character is fresh out of basic training and is angry and bitter about being in the Army.

PFC Clark - This character finds a person covered with blood and running away from the barracks.

Sergeant Cokes - This character has leukemia and is trying to come to terms with that knowledge.

Richie Douglas - This character is a self-confessed homosexual, though at first he has a difficult time convincing others of this fact.

PFC Hinson - This character is an M.P. under the command of the lieutenant. He is the first enlisted man to follow the officer into the cadets' room.

Lieutenant - This character accuses the wrong person of murder and is very inept in the attempts to discover the truth.

Martin - This character botched a suicide attempt by cutting one of his wrists.

Roger Moore - This character is...

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