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Act 1

• Richie and Martin discuss Martin's attempted suicide.

• The men talk about life and joke about Richie's supposed homosexuality.

• Carlyle enters, drunk, and calls Roger a "Tom."

• Carlyle questions all three men about the Army, life, and their living arrangements.

• Carlyle claims that Vietnam is not his (and Roger's) war.

• Billy tells Richie to be "gay" on his own time and that Billy wants nothing to do with it.

• Rooney and Cokes tell the men about the war and explains "Beautiful Streamer."

• Billy tells his story about Frankie.

• Carlyle explains his fears about the Army.

• Carlyle passes out on the bunk room floor.

Act 2, Scene 1

• Roger and Billy discuss Billy's childhood and how they met.

• Carlyle comes into the bunk room looking for Roger, only to find Richie and begin questioning him about his homosexuality.

• Carlyle and Richie discuss the Army and their duties.

• Carlyle accuses Richie of...

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