Strategy Character Descriptions

Basil Liddell Hart
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Hitler of Modern Europe

This military and political leader achieved many victories without undue bloodshed, but could never secure peace and a decisive strategic victory for his nation in part because of his sweeping totalitarian policies.

Belisarius of the Roman Empire

This master of defensive strategy reconquered much lost territory for his empire.


This general wrote a very influential book on warfare, but he died before it was published.

Lawrence of Arabia

This brilliant military leader helped the Arabs in their wars of independence.

Julius Caesar

This hugely successful military leader had immense popularity that allowed him to become the emperor of what had formerly been a democratic nation.

Napoleon Bonaparte

This military and political leader's massive campaigns were aided by the fact that he was well-liked by many of the peoples he conquered.


This general introduced military strategy to Europe, demonstrating the proper way to...

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