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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the local magistrate question Meursault?
(a) The day of the interrogation.
(b) The day before the trial.
(c) The day after the chaplain visits.
(d) The day after his attorney arrives.

2. Besides cigarettes, what does Meursault miss while he is in prison?
(a) Parties.
(b) Marie.
(c) Friends.
(d) Women.

3. What type of case is to follow Meursault's in court?
(a) Forgery.
(b) Sumptuary.
(c) Parricide.
(d) Theft.

4. When he is led back into the courtroom, what does Meursault notice?
(a) The jury.
(b) The press.
(c) His friends.
(d) The prosecution.

5. On the day of his trial, where does Meursault wait for his trial to begin?
(a) In his cell.
(b) In a holding room.
(c) In the back of the courtroom.
(d) In an alley way.

6. What element of nature has played a role in all the negative episodes of Meursault's life?
(a) Rain.
(b) The moon.
(c) Wind.
(d) The sun.

7. As Meursault waits for his trial, what does he notice about the noise in the courtroom?
(a) There is a consistent tapping.
(b) There are hushed whispers.
(c) It is completely quiet.
(d) There is much commotion.

8. How does Marie try to instill hope in Meursault?
(a) By telling him that she is now dating Raymond.
(b) By embracing and kissing him.
(c) By telling them they will soon swim again and get married.
(d) By telling him that his appeal is going well.

9. What has Meursault's attorney told him about the trial?
(a) It should be relatively brief.
(b) It will take several weeks.
(c) It will be canceled.
(d) It is expected to be record breaking.

10. Where does Masson take Raymond for the treatment of his cuts on the beach?
(a) To the beach house.
(b) To Raymond's house.
(c) To the hospital in town.
(d) To the doctor's house.

11. Of what implications of his actions does Meursault seem most aware?
(a) He seems aware that he will feel guilt.
(b) He seems aware that he will be found guilty.
(c) He seems aware that he will not marry Marie.
(d) He doesn't seem aware of implications.

12. Why doesn't Meursault understand why he can't have cigarettes?
(a) Because he doesn't understand his punishment.
(b) Because he is crazy.
(c) Because they are a need.
(d) Because they don't hurt anyone else.

13. How does Meursault feel about Marie's attempts to instill hope?
(a) They are rude.
(b) They feel pathetic.
(c) They are comforting.
(d) They are torture to him.

14. As the trial progresses, what happens to Meursault's level of interest?
(a) He maintains the same level of interest.
(b) He becomes only interested in his fate.
(c) He becomes less interested.
(d) He becomes more interested.

15. On the day of his trial, where is Meursault taken in handcuffs?
(a) To an undisclosed location.
(b) To the dungeon.
(c) Throught the streets.
(d) To the courthouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who prepares lunch at the beach house?

2. During the magistrate's questioning, what does Meursault remember about the day of the murder?

3. What does Perez testify about in court?

4. How does Meursault react to his friends in the courtroom?

5. What does the attorney find when he interviews people about Meursault's background?

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