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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Meursault express his regret?
(a) Through silence.
(b) Through apologetic testimony.
(c) Through the fear of death.
(d) He doesn't.

2. Who prepares lunch at the beach house?
(a) Masson's wife.
(b) Raymond.
(c) Masson.
(d) Marie.

3. As Meursault waits for his trial, what does he notice about the noise in the courtroom?
(a) There is much commotion.
(b) It is completely quiet.
(c) There are hushed whispers.
(d) There is a consistent tapping.

4. When Meursault enters the courtroom, what is he overcome by?
(a) The cold temperature and darkness.
(b) The sun shining through the blinds.
(c) People shouting for his beheading.
(d) The show of support by his friends.

5. When does the local magistrate question Meursault?
(a) The day before the trial.
(b) The day of the interrogation.
(c) The day after the chaplain visits.
(d) The day after his attorney arrives.

6. Where is Meursault while his fate is being decided in the courtroom?
(a) Outside the room.
(b) On the stand.
(c) Behind the judge.
(d) In the benches.

7. On the day of his trial, where does Meursault wait for his trial to begin?
(a) In his cell.
(b) In a holding room.
(c) In the back of the courtroom.
(d) In an alley way.

8. As Meursault watches Marie converse with Masson's wife, what does he think about?
(a) How lucky he is to have Marie.
(b) Running off to Paris.
(c) The stark reality of marriage.
(d) Killing Marie.

9. What mindset does Meursault resign himself to in prison?
(a) That of a guard.
(b) That of a prisoner.
(c) That of a free man.
(d) That of a believer.

10. With whom does Meursault share a cell?
(a) No one.
(b) A thief.
(c) Another murderer.
(d) Raymond.

11. Where does Masson take Raymond for the treatment of his cuts on the beach?
(a) To Raymond's house.
(b) To the beach house.
(c) To the doctor's house.
(d) To the hospital in town.

12. What does Meursault say when the magistrate asks if he has anything to say in his own defense?
(a) That the sun was the culprit in the shooting.
(b) That he feels remorse for what he has done.
(c) That he doesn't know why he is in prison.
(d) That he is guilty and should be punished.

13. What has Meursault's attorney told him about the trial?
(a) It will be canceled.
(b) It is expected to be record breaking.
(c) It should be relatively brief.
(d) It will take several weeks.

14. What is Meursault looking for when he finds the Arab man lying near the water?
(a) A stream.
(b) A place to sleep.
(c) The beach house.
(d) A sand castle.

15. How does imprisonment and interrogation change Meursault's belief in God?
(a) It causes him to find God for the first time.
(b) It makes him turn to the God of his upbringing.
(c) It makes him deny God whereas before he believed in him.
(d) It doesn't.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times does Marie visit Meursault in prison?

2. What does Meursault observe about the physical surroundings of the interrogation room?

3. When Meursault and Raymond return to the cottage, why does Meursault not come up the steps?

4. Who officially determines Meursault's fate?

5. How can the lights in the visiting room of the prison be described?

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