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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Marie asks Meursault whether he loves her the first time, how does he respond?
(a) He admits that he does.
(b) He admits that he does not.
(c) He lies and says that he does not.
(d) He lies and says that he does.

2. Who meets Meursault when he arrives for his mother's funeral?
(a) His uncle's two children.
(b) His father.
(c) The caretaker of the nursing home.
(d) The village doctor.

3. Whose beach house do Raymond, Meursault, and Marie visit?
(a) Raymond's friend's.
(b) Raymond's brother's.
(c) Raymond's.
(d) Raymond's mistress's.

4. How does the policeman respond to Raymond's verbal abuse when the police come to his home?
(a) By pushing him to the ground.
(b) By threatening him with a gun.
(c) By handcuffing him.
(d) With a slap.

5. What else does Meursault believe has changed with his mother's death?
(a) His mental stablity.
(b) His dependence on family.
(c) His love for Marie.
(d) Nothing.

6. How does Meursault regard interruptions to his work schedule?
(a) As a nice break.
(b) As unwelcome.
(c) As pleasant but unnecessary.
(d) As necessary to his mental health.

7. How do the other tenants respond to the commotion in Raymond's apartment?
(a) They remain in their apartments.
(b) They come to see what is going on.
(c) They offer to help him.
(d) They leave the apartment complex.

8. What do Meursault and the odd woman talk about during dinner?
(a) They talk about the job in Paris.
(b) They talk about death.
(c) They do not engage in conversation.
(d) They talk about Marie.

9. What does Meursault hear through his walls after talking to Salamano about the missing dog?
(a) A gunshot.
(b) Salamano arguing with someone.
(c) The dog barking.
(d) Salamano's cries.

10. How does Marie react to the news that Meursault's mother has died only one day before she spends the day with Meursault?
(a) She is surprised.
(b) She is relieved.
(c) She is angry.
(d) She is depressed.

11. How did Meursault know Marie?
(a) She was his mother's sister.
(b) She was a co-worker.
(c) She was his neighbor.
(d) She was a family friend.

12. Where does Meursault eat before traveling to the village where his mother's retirement home is located?
(a) At the local pub.
(b) At his brother's house.
(c) At his favorite cafe.
(d) At his house.

13. Immediately after lunch on his first day back to work, where does Meursault go?
(a) To Marie's place to see if she is home.
(b) To the park for a walk.
(c) Back to work.
(d) Home to take a nap.

14. Where does the funeral procession travel?
(a) To a small plot on family land.
(b) To the village cemetery.
(c) To the private cemetery behind the nursing home.
(d) To the train station.

15. For what does Meursault's employer chastise him?
(a) Being distracted.
(b) Inconsistent support of the company.
(c) Lack of ambition.
(d) Selfishness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Salamano have with him when Meursault sees him in front of his apartment?

2. How does Meursault interpret his employer's response to his mother's death?

3. How does Meursault view Raymond's desire to be his friend?

4. What does Raymond plan on doing when his mistress returns?

5. After spending the day together, where do Meursault and Marie go in the evening after his mother's funeral?

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