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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Meursault show grief the weekend following his mother's death?
(a) Through his interactions with friends.
(b) He doesn't.
(c) By returning to her favorite places.
(d) By avoiding people.

2. How does Meursault regard interruptions to his work schedule?
(a) As necessary to his mental health.
(b) As unwelcome.
(c) As pleasant but unnecessary.
(d) As a nice break.

3. Which of the following phrases describes Meursault's behavior at his mother's funeral?
(a) Obviously anxious.
(b) Full of visible grief.
(c) Displaying little emotion.
(d) Marked by anger.

4. Immediately after lunch on his first day back to work, where does Meursault go?
(a) Home to take a nap.
(b) To the park for a walk.
(c) Back to work.
(d) To Marie's place to see if she is home.

5. How does Marie feel about the job Meursault was offered in Paris?
(a) It upsets her.
(b) It intrigues her.
(c) She thinks the employer is trying to get rid of him.
(d) She is glad he turned it down.

6. Where does Meursault eat before traveling to the village where his mother's retirement home is located?
(a) At his house.
(b) At his brother's house.
(c) At his favorite cafe.
(d) At the local pub.

7. What does Meursault do on the way to visit his mother's village?
(a) Eat dinner.
(b) Read the newspaper.
(c) Write in a journal.
(d) Sleep.

8. Where do Meursault and Marie spend the night after their day together?
(a) At her house.
(b) At the beach.
(c) In the park.
(d) At his apartment.

9. How did Meursault know Marie?
(a) She was his neighbor.
(b) She was a co-worker.
(c) She was a family friend.
(d) She was his mother's sister.

10. Which of the following items does Meursault borrow from a friend before traveling to his mother's funeral?
(a) Money.
(b) A watch.
(c) A suit.
(d) A black tie.

11. The day after Meursault and Marie spend the night together, when does Meursault try to contact her?
(a) In the afternoon.
(b) Late in the evening.
(c) He doesn't try to contact her.
(d) Within an hour of her leaving.

12. Where does Meursault go on the night of the funeral?
(a) To his apartment.
(b) To the beach.
(c) To the church.
(d) To the gravesite.

13. What does Meursault hear through his walls after talking to Salamano about the missing dog?
(a) Salamano arguing with someone.
(b) Salamano's cries.
(c) The dog barking.
(d) A gunshot.

14. Who writes a letter to Raymond's mistress begging her to return?
(a) Raymond's brother.
(b) His mistress's brother.
(c) Meursault.
(d) Raymond.

15. After his first week back at work after his mother's death, where does Meursault spend time with Marie?
(a) At the movies.
(b) On the train.
(c) At the beach.
(d) In the woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Meursault's employer think the job in Paris is a good match for Meursault?

2. How does Meursault end up eating with an odd woman that he doesn't know?

3. After the day of the funeral, where does Meursault meet Marie?

4. As a gesture of their new friendship what does Raymond offer to Meursault?

5. Who comes to the morgue and stays with Meursault throughout the night?

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