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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Raymond say regarding Meursault's mother's death?
(a) It was bound to happen one day.
(b) It is a sad occasion which Meursault should never forget.
(c) It should prevent Meursault from going to work.
(d) It is an excuse for Meursault to become a criminal.

2. How does Meursault react to the people who are visibly grieving his mother's death at the funeral?
(a) He sympathizes with them.
(b) He does not engage with them.
(c) He asks them to leave.
(d) He becomes angry at them and yells.

3. On the first day that Meursault returns to work, who does he meet for lunch?
(a) Raymond.
(b) Perez.
(c) Emmanuel.
(d) Marie.

4. Why does Meursault take so much pleasure in washing his hands on the morning he returns to work?
(a) He is up from his desk and avoiding work.
(b) The towel hasn't yet gotten too wet from daily use.
(c) The sound of the running water reminds him of the beach.
(d) The warmth of the water reminds him of Marie.

5. What do Meursault and the odd woman talk about during dinner?
(a) They talk about Marie.
(b) They talk about the job in Paris.
(c) They do not engage in conversation.
(d) They talk about death.

6. Why is Meursault relieved about the Monday after his mother's funeral?
(a) Because Monday was his mother's favorite day.
(b) Because he can resume work.
(c) Because he won't have to do much at work.
(d) Because he will get to see his friends.

7. What does Meursault hear through his walls after talking to Salamano about the missing dog?
(a) A gunshot.
(b) Salamano's cries.
(c) The dog barking.
(d) Salamano arguing with someone.

8. What does Meursault do when he wakes up in the morning and Marie is gone?
(a) He is relieved and quietly creeps out unnoticed.
(b) He begins sobbing.
(c) He springs out of bed and begins a search for her.
(d) He lays in bed and tries to recapture her essence.

9. How does Meursault end up eating with an odd woman that he doesn't know?
(a) He invites her to dinner after meeting her in the street.
(b) She is sent by Marie to watch him.
(c) She is a friend of a friend.
(d) She seats herself at his table.

10. What did the neighbors say when Meursault put his mother in the home?
(a) They said disparaging things about him.
(b) They said it was about time.
(c) They said he should have chosen a closer home.
(d) They said that he was a perfect son.

11. How does Marie react to the news that Meursault's mother has died only one day before she spends the day with Meursault?
(a) She is surprised.
(b) She is relieved.
(c) She is depressed.
(d) She is angry.

12. How does the policeman respond to Raymond's verbal abuse when the police come to his home?
(a) With a slap.
(b) By threatening him with a gun.
(c) By handcuffing him.
(d) By pushing him to the ground.

13. When the sun sets the Sunday after his mother's funeral, what does Meursault think?
(a) He doesn't want to go to work on Monday.
(b) He decides it is almost time for the sun to set on himself.
(c) He has lived through another Sunday.
(d) He will miss the weekend.

14. Where does Meursault go on the night of the funeral?
(a) To his apartment.
(b) To the gravesite.
(c) To the church.
(d) To the beach.

15. How do the other tenants respond to the commotion in Raymond's apartment?
(a) They offer to help him.
(b) They remain in their apartments.
(c) They leave the apartment complex.
(d) They come to see what is going on.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the police leave Raymond's home, what do they tell Raymond to do?

2. Which of the following does Meursault NOT notice during his reflections the weekend after his mother's funeral?

3. What meal are Meursault and Marie planning to eat when they hear commotion in Raymond's apartment?

4. What is Meursault's feelings about his and Marie's upcoming marriage?

5. Who accompanies Raymond to the police station as a witness?

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