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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Meursault interpret his employer's response to his mother's death?
(a) He is grateful for the employer's accomodations.
(b) He is angry that the employer will not give him time off.
(c) He thinks his employer is mocking him.
(d) He thinks the employer shows no sympathy.

2. How does Meursault perceive being deprived of things after several months in prison?
(a) As normal.
(b) As a punishment.
(c) As necessary.
(d) As a reward.

3. Why does Meursault refuse to call the police when the commotion is going on in Raymond's apartment?
(a) Because Meursault does not like policemen.
(b) Because Marie is a fugitive.
(c) Because Raymond is his friend.
(d) Because Meursault has warrants out for him.

4. What piece of clothing does Marie notice that Meursault is wearing that indicates he is mourning?
(a) His jewelry.
(b) His armband.
(c) His tie.
(d) His shirt.

5. How are Marie and Meursault physically situated when she comes to visit him in prison?
(a) They are separated by a divider.
(b) They sit close to each other, embracing.
(c) They purposely sit apart from each other.
(d) She sits in his lap.

Short Answer Questions

1. Prior to the trial, how does Meursault perceive the case against him?

2. Why does Meursault vow to attend every execution if he is set free?

3. What emotion is triggered for Meursault by not knowing his execution date?

4. How does the policeman respond to Raymond's verbal abuse when the police come to his home?

5. Before Raymond invites Meursault over for dinner, what is Meursault thinking about eating?

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