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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Salamano have with him when Meursault sees him in front of his apartment?
(a) A package from the post office.
(b) A pistol.
(c) His mangy dog.
(d) Flowers.

2. How does the policeman respond to Raymond's verbal abuse when the police come to his home?
(a) With a slap.
(b) By pushing him to the ground.
(c) By handcuffing him.
(d) By threatening him with a gun.

3. Why doesn't Salamano want to check the pound for his dog?
(a) He would have to pay a fee to get it back.
(b) He is afraid the dog is hurt.
(c) He will be upset if the dog is not there.
(d) He thinks that the pound is creepy.

4. When Meursault returns to his job, how does he approach the work that has piled up?
(a) He asks for help with it.
(b) He plunges into it.
(c) He avoids it.
(d) He slowly sifts through it.

5. What offer does Meursault receive and refuse when at the morgue?
(a) The offer to remove the coffin lid.
(b) The offer to stay with his mother's body.
(c) The offer to bury his mother in England.
(d) The offer to sell him a nicer coffin.

Short Answer Questions

1. The day that Meursault and Marie become engaged, where does Meursault eat dinner?

2. Where does Meursault eat before traveling to the village where his mother's retirement home is located?

3. What does Meursault do on the way to visit his mother's village?

4. As a gesture of their new friendship what does Raymond offer to Meursault?

5. How do the other tenants respond to the commotion in Raymond's apartment?

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