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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the magistrate feel about Meursault's answer to the question of why he hesitated before firing four more shots into the Arab's body?
(a) He thinks Meursault said too much.
(b) He is not satisfied.
(c) He is relieved.
(d) He understands.

2. What type of case is to follow Meursault's in court?
(a) Theft.
(b) Sumptuary.
(c) Forgery.
(d) Parricide.

3. What does Meursault hear through his walls after talking to Salamano about the missing dog?
(a) Salamano arguing with someone.
(b) The dog barking.
(c) A gunshot.
(d) Salamano's cries.

4. When Raymond and Meursault return to the beach after Raymond is injured, what does Raymond ask Meursault if he should do?
(a) Sleep with Mason's wife.
(b) Shoot the Arabs.
(c) Go swimming.
(d) Move to England.

5. What did the neighbors say when Meursault put his mother in the home?
(a) They said it was about time.
(b) They said that he was a perfect son.
(c) They said he should have chosen a closer home.
(d) They said disparaging things about him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the prosecutor say about Meursault's intelligence?

2. Who accompanies Raymond to the police station as a witness?

3. When he is led back into the courtroom, what does Meursault notice?

4. How does Meursault show grief the weekend following his mother's death?

5. Prior to the trial, how does Meursault perceive the case against him?

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