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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Raymond feel that his mistress is treating him?
(a) He feels she is grateful.
(b) He feels she is unfaithful.
(c) He feels she is loving.
(d) He feels she is abusive.

2. While Raymond, Meursault, and Masson are walking, who slashes Raymond on his arms and lips with a knife?
(a) Meursault.
(b) The Arab that has been stalking him.
(c) A man he does not recognize.
(d) Masson.

3. When Meursault finds the Arab man next to the water, how does the Arab react?
(a) He pulls out a gun.
(b) He continues to sleep.
(c) He yells for help.
(d) He pulls out a knife.

4. How do the people in the neighborhood typically respond to Salamano?
(a) They invite him into their homes.
(b) They feel bad for him.
(c) They are afraid of him.
(d) They think of him as a source of entertainment.

5. On the day of his trial, where does Meursault wait for his trial to begin?
(a) In the back of the courtroom.
(b) In an alley way.
(c) In a holding room.
(d) In his cell.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Meursault watches Marie converse with Masson's wife, what does he think about?

2. Why does Meursault feel sleepy and dizzy walking after lunch at the beach house?

3. What does Salamano say in his testimony?

4. On the first day that Meursault returns to work, where does he eat lunch?

5. What method of transportation do Meursault, Raymond, and Marie take to the beach house?

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