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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Part 1, Chapter 1

When Meursault finds out that his mother has died, he asks for time off from work. The objective of this lesson is to explore Meursault's interpretation of human emotion, specifically looking at how he interprets his employer's response to his request.


1. Class Discussion: How does Meursault interpret the emotions of those around him? How does he interpret his employer's response to his request for time off? Why does Meursault think his employer is not sympathetic even though he grants him the time off? What do we know about Meursault's own emotions? Do you think he projects his own emotions on others? Do you think Meursault's interpretation of his employer's emotions are accurate? Why or why not? What other examples do we have of Meursault interpreting the emotions of others either correctly or incorrectly?

2. Pair Activity: Divide into groups of two. Review how Meursault...

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