The Stranger Character Descriptions

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Marie Cardona

This character was formerly a typist and in the book represents the happy life.


This character provides the most damaging testimony at the trial.


This character owns the cafe and is called as a witness in the trial.

Defense Counsel

This character says of the trial "everything is true, and nothing is true!"

Director of the Home

This character is very matter-of-fact man who accompanies the funeral procession to the grave site.

Examining Magistrate

This character serves as a representative of society's law.


See Defense Counsel


This character is an obese, carefree fellow who owns a beach house.

Arthur Meursault

This character is a French Algerian clerk whose mother has died.

Monsieur Thomas Pérez

This character is elderly, lives at the nursing home, and walks with a limp.


This character beats a woman and views things in terms of...

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