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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jubal concerned for Michael?
(a) he is getting more hate mail
(b) he's going to be a father
(c) he's spending too much money
(d) his church project

2. How does Michael feel about the police officers landing in the garden?
(a) it ruined the flowers
(b) it was a good place to land
(c) he doesn't notice where they land
(d) it was wrong

3. What does Douglas tell the people who broke into Jubal's house?
(a) to kidnap Jill
(b) to arrest them all
(c) to kill Michael
(d) to leave

4. What does Duke do in Michael's church?
(a) he's a warden
(b) he's an usher
(c) he's security
(d) he's a deacon

5. What does Jubal notice between his secretaries and Jill?
(a) a big difference
(b) that Jill is smarter
(c) that his secretaries like her
(d) that his secretaries protect her

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does the Fosterite chuch service consist?

2. Why is Jill and Michael's act dropped from the carnival?

3. What does the church say about Bishop Digby?

4. What does Jubal have Michael do with the Martian anthem plays?

5. Why did Michael have to learn about money?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Jubal give Ben when he visits after seeing Michaela and Jill's church?

2. What does Jubal say about Michael owning Mars?

3. How does mail tfor Michael come, why does it need checked and what is one of the types of mail Michael receives that Jill doesn't like?

4. What does Michael learn about money and what does he do with some of his?

5. What was in the note Douglas sent Jubal during Michael's speech?

6. What does Jubal have Michael do during the Martian anthem and how does Michael address the assembly?

7. What do the Fosterites say about Bishop Digby?

8. What do Jill and Michael do when they join a carnival and what happens with that?

9. What does Michael do right when the police arrive and right after they are there?

10. What does Michael see on the way to D.C. and how does he respond? What does Jill do with him?

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