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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Michael go when the police arrive?
(a) to the attic
(b) the basement
(c) to the bottom of the pool
(d) in the garage

2. Why did Michael have to learn about money?
(a) he never learned to add
(b) there's none on Mars
(c) he needs to understand his investments
(d) he wants to give it all away

3. What has Michael decided to do about his life?
(a) space travel
(b) start a charity foundation
(c) go back to Mars
(d) leave Jubal's with Jill

4. Who does Michael see before the meeting that he knew?
(a) Captain Tromp
(b) Doctor Mahmoud
(c) Doctor Edmunds
(d) Priscilla, a nurse at Bethesda

5. What does Jubal demand of Douglas?
(a) that Ben Caxton be present at the meeting
(b) that Jill become Michael's guardian
(c) that the government leave Michael alone
(d) that the press be present at any meeting

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the two large bowls at Michael's door hold?

2. What does Patty invite Ben to do when he visits Jill and Michael?

3. Why is Jill and Michael's act dropped from the carnival?

4. What does Jubal think about Michael and the women?

5. What does Captain Tromp tell the gathering at the motel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Michael feel about a police officer leaving the vehicle and what does he do?

2. What does Bishop Digby do at the church service and afterwards and what does Michael do?

3. What do the Fosterites say about Bishop Digby?

4. What does Jubal say about Michael owning Mars?

5. How does Jubal respond to Michael's actions with the police?

6. What does Michael see on the way to D.C. and how does he respond? What does Jill do with him?

7. Who meets Michael and the rest at the Fosterite church and what does Michael do with the slot machines?

8. What does Jubal have Michael do during the Martian anthem and how does Michael address the assembly?

9. What do Jill and Michael do when they join a carnival and what happens with that?

10. What does Jubal insist upon in order to meet with Douglas?

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