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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the body of a dead Martian?
(a) is buried
(b) is sent off to space
(c) is eaten by water brothers
(d) is burned

2. Why does Michael have to adjust mentally and emotionally?
(a) he's never heard a human talk
(b) he was raised on logic
(c) he never knew his mother
(d) he's more Martian than human

3. How long does it take Michael to bring back something he has sent away?
(a) two days
(b) two months
(c) he can't bring it back
(d) a week

4. What does Michael do when he wants to think things over?
(a) watches television
(b) goes into a dormant state
(c) runs a few miles
(d) reads a book

5. Who is Larry?
(a) Anne's husband
(b) a live-in guest of Jubal's
(c) Jill's brother
(d) a carpenter working on the house

Short Answer Questions

1. How many levels of his being does Michael control?

2. Who tries to get Michael to sign a contract?

3. What does Jubal Hershaw write?

4. Where does Jill find Michael?

5. Who is Captain Tromp trying to protect Michael from?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jill meet up with Jubal and what does she do with Michael?

2. How does Jill get Michael out of the hospital and where do they go?

3. What happened to the baby Mary Smith had on Mars?

4. What bothers Duke about Michael and how does Jubal handle it?

5. Why did Captain Tromp take Michael to the medical center?

6. What does Ben do to try to get to talk to Michael and how does that turn out?

7. What does Duke brag about in relation to Michael and what does Jubal tell him?

8. What happens when Madame Alexandra Vesant tries to cast Michael's chart and what does she say?

9. What does Ben plan to do about Michael?

10. What does Jill tell Jubal about Ben and what does he do?

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