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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael prove when he does time in the military?
(a) violence is useful
(b) violence is never effective against a disciplined person
(c) guns are fun toys
(d) making people go away is better than shooting them

2. For what are the bags of mail to Michael checked?
(a) letters from possible family members
(b) bombs
(c) investment offers
(d) pornography

3. What do Ben and Jubal think are the most important issues to deal with in the meeting with Douglas?
(a) Michael's wealth
(b) having Jill become Michael's guardian
(c) Michael's safety
(d) teaching Michael not to kill people

4. What are two phrases Ben notices Patty using?
(a) share water and go upward
(b) waiting is and moving forward
(c) share water and waiting is
(d) waiting is and blissed be

5. What does Jubal have Michael do with the Martian anthem plays?
(a) leave the room
(b) salute
(c) sit
(d) stand

6. What does Michael do while his body is hidden?
(a) has his consciousness leave his body
(b) comes out even though Jubal told him not to
(c) listens to the conversations, he can hear where he is
(d) goes to sleep

7. What has happened to two of Jubal's secretaries?
(a) they quit
(b) they got married
(c) they were killed
(d) they're pregnant

8. What invitation is extended to Michael by a senator?
(a) to visit his state
(b) to have dinner with him
(c) to attend a Fosterite service
(d) to visit the Senate

9. What agreement did Jubal and Douglas reach?
(a) that Douglas would be Michael's attorney
(b) that Douglas would protect Michael
(c) that Douglas would leave Michael alone
(d) that Jubal would leave Michael alone

10. Why does Jubal have Michael handle the Martian anthem the way he does?
(a) to show them Michael is Martian
(b) to laugh at the anthem
(c) so he won't hear it
(d) to prove he's a sovereign monarch

11. What does Michael do when Jill gives him a pornographic picture?
(a) takes it to his room
(b) throws it away
(c) asks her to have sex
(d) examines it curiously

12. What language does Jubal feel is the most powerful language on earth?
(a) Latin
(b) Chinese
(c) Russian
(d) English

13. What does Jubal notice between his secretaries and Jill?
(a) a big difference
(b) that his secretaries like her
(c) that Jill is smarter
(d) that his secretaries protect her

14. What does Douglas agree to with Jubal?
(a) to leave Michael alone
(b) to cancel the warrants
(c) to turn Michael's money over to Jubal
(d) to let Michael return to Mars

15. How does Michael act when he comes out of dormancy after the night of the church service?
(a) more confident
(b) afraid
(c) tired
(d) excited

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Duke do in Michael's church?

2. How does Michael win money at the Fosterite's slot machines?

3. What does Jubal do to prepare for the meeting?

4. What does Ben do when he turns up at Jubal's?

5. What does Dr. Nelson find amazing about Michael?

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