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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jubal have Michael handle the Martian anthem the way he does?
(a) to show them Michael is Martian
(b) to prove he's a sovereign monarch
(c) so he won't hear it
(d) to laugh at the anthem

2. What does Jubal think sex has done for Michael?
(a) made him fully human
(b) made him juvenile
(c) made him stronger
(d) made him egotistical

3. What do Michael and Jill do in a carnival?
(a) run a game
(b) a comedy act
(c) a magic act
(d) a knife act

4. What does Michael prove when he does time in the military?
(a) making people go away is better than shooting them
(b) violence is never effective against a disciplined person
(c) guns are fun toys
(d) violence is useful

5. What is the first school Michael attends on earth?
(a) high school
(b) college
(c) seminary
(d) medical school

6. How does Michael feel about the police officers landing in the garden?
(a) it was wrong
(b) he doesn't notice where they land
(c) it was a good place to land
(d) it ruined the flowers

7. What agreement did Jubal and Douglas reach?
(a) that Douglas would be Michael's attorney
(b) that Douglas would leave Michael alone
(c) that Jubal would leave Michael alone
(d) that Douglas would protect Michael

8. What does Douglas tell the people who broke into Jubal's house?
(a) to kidnap Jill
(b) to leave
(c) to arrest them all
(d) to kill Michael

9. What does Michael do when a police officer attempts to arrest anyone?
(a) he makes the officer disappear
(b) he takes away the officer's gun
(c) he does nothing
(d) he makes the officer float in the air

10. How does Michael act when he comes out of dormancy after the night of the church service?
(a) afraid
(b) more confident
(c) tired
(d) excited

11. What does Jubal announce at the assembly?
(a) that Michael is returning to Mars
(b) Michael's rank on Mars
(c) what they are going to do with Michael
(d) that Michael will be leaving America

12. What does Michael do when Jill gives him a pornographic picture?
(a) examines it curiously
(b) asks her to have sex
(c) throws it away
(d) takes it to his room

13. What does Michael ultimately do about the police?
(a) he makes their guns disappear
(b) he makes their vehicle disappear
(c) he surrenders to them
(d) he makes them all disappear

14. What does Michael finally decide about religion?
(a) that they are all the same
(b) that they are all false
(c) that they keep evolution down
(d) that man has a need for them

15. What does Jill try to keep from Michael?
(a) marriage proposals
(b) pornography
(c) solicitations
(d) hate letters

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michael say "grok" means?

2. In what languages does Michael address the assembly?

3. What idea from Mike about religion does Patty eventually accept?

4. Who finally agrees to contact Secretary Douglas for Jubal?

5. What does Michael do while his body is hidden?

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