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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jill think about the interview on television with Michael?
(a) it is not very long
(b) it is funny
(c) it is a fake
(d) it is interesting

2. What does Ben propose to Jill?
(a) an alliance
(b) pooling their money
(c) marriage
(d) going to Mars

3. What does Michael see on television that has him curious?
(a) a girlie show
(b) human sex
(c) a Fosterite broadcast
(d) dancing

4. What does Michael do when he wants to think things over?
(a) goes into a dormant state
(b) reads a book
(c) runs a few miles
(d) watches television

5. What does Douglas find out at the Council Chamber?
(a) only his office knows about Michael
(b) he's been fired
(c) the President wants to speak to him
(d) his office has been tapped

6. Why is Jubal frightened for Duke?
(a) he could kill Michael
(b) the police will arrest him
(c) Michael making people disappear
(d) he could hurt Michael

7. What disgusts Duke about Michael?
(a) that he doesn't speak English well
(b) that he is so frail
(c) eating of dead water brothers
(d) that he has killed two people

8. How do the secretaries know which one he wants?
(a) oldest to youngest
(b) he assigns them every morning
(c) who ever responds fastest
(d) they rotate

9. What does Jubal discover about Michael and religion?
(a) the Martians have a very complicated religion
(b) his mother raised him as a Catholic
(c) he wants to be a Jew
(d) he has no idea what it is

10. How many nymphs die while on the surface?
(a) eight of nine
(b) two of three
(c) ten of hundred
(d) one of five

11. What does Jubal do when the police arrive?
(a) delays them
(b) sends them away
(c) has Michael disappear them
(d) shoots them

12. What does Ben decide to do after he watches the interview on television?
(a) interview Michael himself
(b) take Michael out of the hospital
(c) kill Douglas
(d) expose the fraud

13. Why does Ben want to meet secretly?
(a) so the media won't spot them
(b) he's shy
(c) there's a warrant out for his arrest
(d) so the army won't find them

14. How does Gillian get in to see Michael?
(a) with a badge
(b) an adjoining room
(c) as a heart specialist
(d) in the laundry tub

15. What does Ben say about Michael's financial state?
(a) he doesn't know what Michael has
(b) he's very poor
(c) he's very rich
(d) he has some money

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the body of a dead Martian?

2. How does Jill go to meet Ben?

3. What does Ben suggest to Jill?

4. What has Michael curious about Gillian?

5. Who tries to get Michael to sign a contract?

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