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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many nymphs die while on the surface?
(a) eight of nine
(b) two of three
(c) one of five
(d) ten of hundred

2. Who raised Michael?
(a) his grandparents
(b) some animals on Mars
(c) highly developed Martians
(d) his parents

3. Who does Jill cover for when she stays in Michael's room?
(a) the surgeon
(b) Doctor Brush
(c) Ben
(d) Jubal

4. For what other occupations is Jubal educated?
(a) engineer and doctor
(b) medical doctor and lawyer
(c) accountant and lawyer
(d) computer science and doctor

5. How does Jubal Hershaw write?
(a) with a computer
(b) with a pen and paper
(c) talking into a recorder
(d) dictating to his secretary

6. What does Duke brag about as far as Michael goes?
(a) that he is smarter
(b) that he can beat him up
(c) that he is superior
(d) that he is more spiritual

7. Who gave birth on Mars before this book began?
(a) Patricia Linestein
(b) Terry Hanks
(c) Catherine Porter
(d) Mary Jane Lyle Smith

8. Why does Ben hire a fair witness?
(a) to record a conversation at Bethesda Medical Center
(b) to serve a summons to Douglas
(c) to propose to Jill
(d) to witness Michael's conversation with Jill

9. Why does Michael think he may not be human?
(a) he can't laugh
(b) his first language was Martian
(c) he can do many things humans can't
(d) he doesn't cry

10. Where does the flying taxi take Ben?
(a) to a place he visited as a boy
(b) somewhere he didn't ask to go
(c) to South America
(d) to Washington D.C.

11. Where is Michael put when he arrives on Earth?
(a) Bethesda Medical Center
(b) in prison
(c) Walter Reed Hospital
(d) area 51

12. What has Gillian become to Michael in the hospital room?
(a) a friend
(b) a water brother
(c) a surrogate mother
(d) an aunt

13. How does Jill get Michael out of Ben's apartment?
(a) through the laundry chute
(b) dressed as a doorman
(c) disguised as her husband
(d) in a large piece of luggage

14. What happens to the body of a dead Martian?
(a) is eaten by water brothers
(b) is buried
(c) is sent off to space
(d) is burned

15. What does Ben say about Michael's financial state?
(a) he's very poor
(b) he doesn't know what Michael has
(c) he's very rich
(d) he has some money

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jill hear on the tape Ben gives her?

2. Where do Larry and Jill put Michael?

3. Where does Jill meet Ben?

4. Who breaks into Ben's apartment when Jill and Michael are there?

5. What does Michael do when he sees Jill?

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