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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many married couples explored Mars 25 years before this book began?
(a) four
(b) three
(c) six
(d) two

2. How does Jill get Michael out of Ben's apartment?
(a) dressed as a doorman
(b) in a large piece of luggage
(c) through the laundry chute
(d) disguised as her husband

3. Why does Ben demand to see Michael?
(a) because Ben is a journalist
(b) the male interviewer might be an imposter
(c) because Michael wants to see him
(d) because Michael is rich

4. What is a Martian Old One?
(a) a dead Martian
(b) a Martian who has been off planet
(c) a Martian at least 500-years-old
(d) a Martian who has children

5. What Christian practice does Jubal use to illustrate his point with Duke?
(a) the wine and bread
(b) Confirmation
(c) Baptism
(d) Rites for the dead

6. Where does Jill meet Ben?
(a) at his office
(b) a restaurant
(c) a public landing area
(d) a movie theater

7. What does Michael see on television that has him curious?
(a) a Fosterite broadcast
(b) human sex
(c) dancing
(d) a girlie show

8. What happens to the surviving nymphs?
(a) join the colony underground
(b) produce eggs
(c) go to other planets
(d) become human

9. How does Michael appear to Duke?
(a) mild mannered and weak
(b) stubborn
(c) stupid
(d) intelligent

10. What does Mrs. Douglas decide to do?
(a) go to the health spa
(b) find Michael herself
(c) have a new astrological chart cast
(d) take a trip to Europe

11. How does Jill cook her and Ben's meal?
(a) over a wood fire
(b) short wave oven
(c) on a grill
(d) over a cook stove

12. Who shows up at Jubal's gates with Michael?
(a) Mrs. Douglas
(b) Jill
(c) Henry Far
(d) Ben

13. Where does Jill hide a tape recorder in Michael's room?
(a) under his bed
(b) in his bathroom
(c) inside his pillow
(d) inside a closet

14. How many nymphs die while on the surface?
(a) two of three
(b) ten of hundred
(c) one of five
(d) eight of nine

15. Who is James Oliver Cavendish?
(a) Michael's grandfather
(b) Ben's lawyer
(c) Jill's uncle
(d) a fair witness

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Captain Tromp trying to protect Michael from?

2. What does Jubal yell when he wants a secretary?

3. What has Gillian become to Michael in the hospital room?

4. What does Duke finally threaten?

5. Who is Larry?

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