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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Michael need a water bed when he first comes to earth?
(a) Mars had little water
(b) the stronger gravity
(c) he has to move constantly
(d) it helps his skin

2. How does Jill get Michael out of the hospital?
(a) in an ambulance
(b) on a stretcher
(c) disguised as a nurse
(d) in a body bag

3. Where do Ben and Jill end up going?
(a) her mother's cottage
(b) her house
(c) his hotel apartment
(d) his hunting cabin

4. What did the crew of the Envoy leave Michael?
(a) a wrecked ship
(b) stock purchases
(c) their names
(d) some gold in a deposit box

5. What does Ben suggest to Jill?
(a) she have his baby
(b) she can help him write an article on Michael
(c) she can sneak him into Michael
(d) she get him a lawyer

6. What does Gillian give Michael?
(a) some candy
(b) a suit of clothes
(c) a drink of water
(d) some pills

7. What does Michael do when he sees Jill?
(a) nothing
(b) asks to leave with her
(c) asks her to remove her clothes
(d) slaps her

8. Who gave birth on Mars before this book began?
(a) Terry Hanks
(b) Catherine Porter
(c) Mary Jane Lyle Smith
(d) Patricia Linestein

9. Where does Jubal Hershaw live?
(a) in New York
(b) in Europe
(c) in Washington D.C.
(d) in the Pocono Mountains

10. What does Jill think when Michael expresses his curiosity?
(a) he wants her to be his girlfriend
(b) he wants to have sex with her
(c) he wants to see what his mother looked like
(d) he wants to see her naked

11. What journalist calls Jill and asks to see her?
(a) Penny Olson
(b) Johnny Riter
(c) Ben Caxton
(d) Susan Jaulosi

12. What does Michael do when Douglas asks him to sign a document?
(a) signs it in Martian
(b) tears it up
(c) kills Douglas
(d) goes into a dormant state

13. How many nymphs die while on the surface?
(a) eight of nine
(b) ten of hundred
(c) two of three
(d) one of five

14. Why is Jubal frightened for Duke?
(a) he could kill Michael
(b) the police will arrest him
(c) he could hurt Michael
(d) Michael making people disappear

15. What does Jubal Hershaw write?
(a) medical texts
(b) law books
(c) newspaper column
(d) popular fiction

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Gillian get in to see Michael?

2. Why does Ben hire a fair witness?

3. How do Martians begin life?

4. How long does it take Michael to bring back something he has sent away?

5. What does Mrs. Douglas decide to do?

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