Stranger in a Strange Land Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who went to Mars 25 years before the beginning of this book and what happened to them?

During an exploration of Mars by four married couples, Mary Jane Lyle Smith gives birth to Valentine Michael Smith. The adult crew members mysteriously die.

2. What happened to the baby Mary Smith had on Mars?

The Martians raise Michael, who is found and brought back to Earth by a subsequent exploratory team 25 years later.

3. What does Captain Tromp do with Michael when he returns to earth?

Captain Tromp of the Martian exploratory vessel Champion ensures that Michael gets a suite at the Bethesda Medical Center, a hydraulic (water) bed, insulation from the news media and a marine armed guard.

4. Why did Captain Tromp take Michael to the medical center?

Captain Tromp explains to the High Science Minister that Michael needs time to adjust to the stronger gravity of Earth and the higher air pressure. The science minister gives argument, but Tromp insists that Michael not only needs time to adjust physically but mentally and emotionally too. Michael is more a Martian than a human.

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