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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: His Eccentric Education, Chapter 22 - 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jill tell Jubal about Ben?
(a) that he has tapes of Douglas
(b) that they are to be married
(c) that he will be there shortly
(d) that he is missing

2. What does Michael do when a police officer attempts to arrest anyone?
(a) he makes the officer disappear
(b) he does nothing
(c) he takes away the officer's gun
(d) he makes the officer float in the air

3. Why did Michael have to learn about money?
(a) he needs to understand his investments
(b) he wants to give it all away
(c) he never learned to add
(d) there's none on Mars

4. What does Jubal yell when he wants a secretary?
(a) now
(b) enter
(c) front
(d) come

5. Who shows up at Jubal's gates with Michael?
(a) Mrs. Douglas
(b) Ben
(c) Henry Far
(d) Jill

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Douglas find out at the Council Chamber?

2. Where does Jubal Hershaw live?

3. For what other occupations is Jubal educated?

4. Where do Larry and Jill put Michael?

5. What does Jubal warn Michael about concerning the Fosterite church?

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