Stranger in a Strange Land Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Part 1: His Maculate Origin, Chapter 1 - 3

1. How many married couples explored Mars 25 years before this book began?
(a) three
(b) four
(c) two
(d) six

2. Who gave birth on Mars before this book began?
(a) Patricia Linestein
(b) Terry Hanks
(c) Mary Jane Lyle Smith
(d) Catherine Porter

3. What was the baby born on Mars named?
(a) Vincient M. Novak
(b) Valentine M. Smith
(c) Blake M. Souther
(d) Carter M. Warner

4. What happens to the adult crews on Mars before this book begins?
(a) they returned to earth
(b) they stayed on Mars
(c) they went on to Jupiter
(d) they died

5. How long did the Martians raise the human baby?
(a) 30 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 25 years
(d) 15 years

6. How did the human baby return to Earth?
(a) the Martians left him
(b) another exploring team
(c) his parents brought him back
(d) he teleported

7. Where is Michael put when he arrives on Earth?
(a) area 51
(b) in prison
(c) Bethesda Medical Center
(d) Walter Reed Hospital

8. Who is Captain Tromp trying to protect Michael from?
(a) doctors
(b) NASA
(c) news media
(d) the hysterical public

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