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Part 1: His Maculate Origin, Chapter 1 - 3

• During an exploration of Mars by four married couples, Mary Jane Lyle Smith gives birth to Valentine Michael Smith.

• The adult crew members mysteriously die. The Martians raise Michael, who is brought back to Earth 25 years later.

• Michael needs time to adjust to the stronger gravity of Earth and the higher air pressure. Michael is more Martian than human.

• Michael has the ability to slow his metabolism down to nearly nothing, while enjoying what he calls his nest--a waterbed.

• Michael controls three levels of his being--his body, an awareness of his body, and his consciousness.
• On Mars, he learned of an intense understanding of a subject called grokking.

• The term "grok" means to understand through intuition or sympathetically. However, to grok as a Martian is much deeper.

• Michael's condition causes alarm in one of his observers, but Doctor Nelson assures him that...

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