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Mel White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Philip and Janet Yancey?
(a) Mel's friends who own a resort in Northern California.
(b) Mel's friends with whom he sometimes discussed his homosexuality.
(c) Two of Falwell's administrators who try to convince Mel to be celibate.
(d) A couple Mel meets in Hawaii.

2. What often makes White tearful during the church services?
(a) The hymns.
(b) The many men with AIDS.
(c) The testimonies from gays who feel accepted there.
(d) The overwhelming task of redefining Christianity for gays.

3. Where is White interviewed several times when he comes out?
(a) In front of the congregation in Dallas.
(b) At a luncheon of religious right leaders.
(c) At Falwell's church.
(d) Network television.

4. What is beginning to bud in the late 1970s in the Christian community?
(a) A new and open attitude towards homosexuals.
(b) A reversion to old revival-style religion.
(c) A Christian political revolution.
(d) A firm policy against homosexuality.

5. What group does Falwell form partly through the influence of Francis Schaeffer?
(a) Christian Minority.
(b) Moral Minority.
(c) Moral Majority.
(d) Christian Majority.

6. What does White come to believe about his sexual orientation?
(a) It is acceptable as long as he is celibate.
(b) It is not God's perfect creation, but it is not condemned.
(c) It is something to celebrate.
(d) It is acceptable as long as he is in a monogamous, marriage-like relationship.

7. What is the purpose of White's "Truth in Love" campaign?
(a) To present gays with an alternative to mainstream Christianity.
(b) To effect political pressure on lawmakers.
(c) To bring out other gays.
(d) To war against the religious right.

8. What two evangelists seem to be opposites in personality according to White?
(a) Falwell and Pat Robertson.
(b) Billy Graham and Pat Robertson.
(c) Falwell and Oral Roberts.
(d) Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.

9. What did White worry about concerning his family?
(a) His coming out would destroy them.
(b) They would not accept him as a gay man.
(c) They would be constantly harassed.
(d) They would turn away from the church.

10. How do Mel's children respond to Mel's conflict?
(a) They believe he should leave Lyla and be true to himself.
(b) They are affected but do not know what the conflict entails.
(c) They are not really affected one way or the other.
(d) They think he is wrong to even thing about accepting his homosexuality.

11. What is offered to White by a church in Dallas?
(a) The position of dean of their cathedral.
(b) Financial support to defeat the measure in Oregon.
(c) Financial support until White can find another job.
(d) Financial support for White to continue writing for gay writes.

12. What does White contemplate while taking scuba training?
(a) God's mercy.
(b) Nothing that he mentions.
(c) Meeting other men through Scuba diving.
(d) Suicide.

13. For what does White praise President Clinton?
(a) He makes it possible for gays to serve in the military.
(b) He does not praise Clinton.
(c) He has many open gays on his staff.
(d) Clinton proposed a Federal marriage bill for gays.

14. Why is White confused at the Cathedral of Hope?
(a) They use books from several denominations.
(b) There are many heterosexuals who attend.
(c) There are several different pastors.
(d) They conduct a liturgical, formal worship service.

15. What book does Robertson want Mel's help to write?
(a) Dates with God and America.
(b) Destiny and God.
(c) America's Land of too much Freedom.
(d) America's Dates with Destiny.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Gary and White move in 1990?

2. What did Mel do immediately upon meeting Tom Montgomery?

3. Why does Falwell initially get into politics?

4. How long does Mel's relationship last with David?

5. With the advent of what court case does Jerry Falwell enter the political arena?

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