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Mel White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of White's "Truth in Love" campaign?
(a) To war against the religious right.
(b) To bring out other gays.
(c) To present gays with an alternative to mainstream Christianity.
(d) To effect political pressure on lawmakers.

2. What style of government does the religious right seem to want?
(a) Theocracy.
(b) Anarchy.
(c) Democracy.
(d) Socialism.

3. What does Mel tell his parents after meeting Tom?
(a) Mel is gay.
(b) Tom is not the right mate for his sister.
(c) Mel is leaving the Christian church.
(d) Mel is starting a campaign to keep Christians out of politics.

4. What does Lyla feel Mel is experiencing?
(a) Social pressure.
(b) Retarded adolescence.
(c) Satan's lies.
(d) Insecurity.

5. What do some of the religious right say homosexuals want as far as children are concerned?
(a) To help them overcome their feelings of self hatred.
(b) To show them how to avoid becoming ensnared into the homosexual life.
(c) To recruit them to the homosexual lifestyle.
(d) To exploit them sexually.

6. Who is Mel White's first client?
(a) Francis Schaeffer.
(b) Pat Robertson.
(c) Oral Roberts.
(d) Billy Graham.

7. Who is Phyliss Hart?
(a) A theologian.
(b) The woman who saves White when he is drowning in Hawaii.
(c) A psychologist at Fuller Theological Seminary.
(d) Lyla's best friend and confidante.

8. What does Mel pretend at parties?
(a) He is still with Lyla.
(b) He is religious.
(c) He is happy.
(d) He is straight.

9. What often makes White tearful during the church services?
(a) The hymns.
(b) The testimonies from gays who feel accepted there.
(c) The many men with AIDS.
(d) The overwhelming task of redefining Christianity for gays.

10. With whom does Mel say Lyla becomes a co-conspirator?
(a) Mel's pastor.
(b) Michael.
(c) Mel's psychiatrist.
(d) David.

11. To what group does White see some parallels to the religious right?
(a) Terrorists.
(b) Nazis.
(c) Skinheads.
(d) Puritans.

12. Who is Reverend Michael Piazza?
(a) A Roman Catholic priest who speaks out against the measure in Oregon.
(b) The leader of the supporters of the measure in Oregon.
(c) The leader of the largest gay chuch in America.
(d) The pastor in Los Angeles where White attends church.

13. How does Mel think that the very strong Christians seem to be?
(a) Indifferent to the way the religious right was exploiting people emotionally.
(b) Less rigid about many issues.
(c) More strongly anti-gay.
(d) More accepting of gays.

14. What measure does the religious right push in Oregon?
(a) 9.
(b) 3.
(c) 13.
(d) 11.

15. What does White do for Oliver North?
(a) Gives him a reference to Falwell.
(b) Gives him a large contribution for his legal defense.
(c) Helps him write his autobiography.
(d) Writes speeches for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mel do immediately upon meeting Tom Montgomery?

2. Who calls White and asks him to work on an important book when White is contemplating moving to be with Tom?

3. What does White come to believe about his sexual orientation?

4. What does Mel see as destroying his family?

5. Who is Dr. Warren Jones?

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