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Mel White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mel see as one aspect to many of the right-wing Christian leaders for whom Mel works?
(a) A dark and arrogant aspect.
(b) A confused and fearful aspect.
(c) A willingness to change their ideas.
(d) An inept and bungling aspect.

2. Who is R. J. Rushdoony?
(a) A Christian reconstructionist.
(b) A Jewish theologian.
(c) A gay psychiatrist.
(d) A strong gay rights advocate.

3. Who is Reverend Michael Piazza?
(a) The leader of the supporters of the measure in Oregon.
(b) The leader of the largest gay chuch in America.
(c) A Roman Catholic priest who speaks out against the measure in Oregon.
(d) The pastor in Los Angeles where White attends church.

4. What does Robertson and others of the religious right tell White he could do?
(a) Be accepted back into the fold of the religious right.
(b) Come and explain his views of the Bible to them.
(c) Be healed of his homosexuality.
(d) Condemn hundreds to hell with his preaching.

5. What does White end forever when he chooses to move?
(a) His relationship with Gary.
(b) His doubts about the gay lifestyle.
(c) His insecurity.
(d) His days in the closet.

6. Who is David?
(a) A reformed bookie.
(b) An elderly, retired Catholic priest.
(c) A Spanish-American.
(d) A young Greek man.

7. What does White say in his letter to Jerry Falwell on December 24, 1991?
(a) White asks Falwell to meet with him to talk about Falwell's treatment of homosexuality.
(b) White asks Falwell's forgiveness for pretending to be someone White was not.
(c) White tells Falwell White is contemplating a lawsuit.
(d) White suggests that Falwell needs counseling.

8. What does Mel say his family could not do?
(a) Give him any insight.
(b) Accept him.
(c) Protect him.
(d) Meet all his needs.

9. What two evangelists seem to be opposites in personality according to White?
(a) Falwell and Pat Robertson.
(b) Falwell and Oral Roberts.
(c) Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.
(d) Billy Graham and Pat Robertson.

10. What does White come to believe about his sexual orientation?
(a) It is something to celebrate.
(b) It is acceptable as long as he is in a monogamous, marriage-like relationship.
(c) It is not God's perfect creation, but it is not condemned.
(d) It is acceptable as long as he is celibate.

11. Why does Falwell initially get into politics?
(a) To eventually make a bid for governor.
(b) To draw attention to his church.
(c) To speak out against communism, abortion, and divorce.
(d) To force left-wing politicians to rein in their political strategies.

12. What would the measure being considered in Oregon do?
(a) Add anti-homosexual language to the Oregon constitution.
(b) Allow homosexuals limited civil rights.
(c) Mandate that children being raised by a homosexual couple be placed in foster homes.
(d) Outlaw any public display of affection between same sex couples.

13. Who is Phyliss Hart?
(a) A theologian.
(b) Lyla's best friend and confidante.
(c) The woman who saves White when he is drowning in Hawaii.
(d) A psychologist at Fuller Theological Seminary.

14. When do Lyla and Mel decide to separate?
(a) September, 1982.
(b) June, 1983.
(c) August, 1984.
(d) June, 1985.

15. Who is Tom Montgomery?
(a) Mel's spiritual adviser.
(b) Mel's brother-in-law.
(c) Mel's lawyer.
(d) A man Mel meets in a gay bar.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Mel introduce David?

2. What does Mel say often happens to gay men who stay in the closet?

3. How long does Mel's relationship last with David?

4. Why does White consider a change in jobs and locations?

5. How does Mel feel at the church to which Tom takes Mel?

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