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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Marsden been before the play begins?
(a) Mexico.
(b) Japan.
(c) South America.
(d) Europe.

2. Who says, "Why does everyone in the world think they can write"?
(a) Marsden.
(b) Darrell.
(c) Evans.
(d) Nina.

3. How does Marsden know Leeds?
(a) He was his father's accountant.
(b) He worked for him at the hospital.
(c) He was his professor.
(d) He arranged his wedding.

4. What does Mrs. Evans' tell Nina about the Evans family?
(a) It is powerful.
(b) It has a history of epilepsy.
(c) It is associated with crime.
(d) It has a history of insanity.

5. Who was in Gordon's class at school?
(a) Darrell.
(b) Evans.
(c) Leeds.
(d) Marsden.

6. Why does Marsden say he can't stay long in Act 4?
(a) He's late for a train.
(b) His sister is ill.
(c) He's going to Europe.
(d) His mother is ill.

7. What is Evans' mother worried about?
(a) Nina not liking her.
(b) Nina having a baby.
(c) Nina leaving Evans.
(d) Nina having an affair.

8. Why does Leeds insist that Nina not leave in Act 1?
(a) She is promiscuous.
(b) She is frivolous.
(c) She is sick.
(d) She is naive.

9. What does Nina threaten to do once Mrs. Evans tells her the truth about the Evans'?
(a) Kill herself.
(b) Kill Evans.
(c) Leave Evans.
(d) Tell Evans everything.

10. Who calls thoughts, "mosquitoes of the soul"?
(a) Marsden.
(b) Darrell.
(c) Nina.
(d) Evans.

11. Where does Act 3 take place?
(a) Marsden's study.
(b) The Evans' yacht.
(c) Evans' dining room.
(d) Leeds' parlor.

12. What does Evans fear in Act 4?
(a) That he's sterile.
(b) That his mother died.
(c) That Nina is dying.
(d) That Nina loves him too much.

13. Whose death is Nina lamenting in the beginning of the play?
(a) Gordon Evans.
(b) Gordon Shaw.
(c) Sam Evans.
(d) Henry Leeds.

14. What about Nina causes concern for her father in Part 1, Act 1?
(a) Her erratic behavior.
(b) Her refusal to wed.
(c) Her promiscuity.
(d) Her spending of money.

15. Whom does Marsden suspect his mother is jealous of?
(a) Evans.
(b) Leeds.
(c) Nina.
(d) Darrell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Leeds say he hated Gordon?

2. What does Nina complain to her father about in Part 1, Act 1?

3. Whom does Darrell say he couldn't share a woman with?

4. How much time has passed between Act 1 and Act 2?

5. Whom has Nina married in Act 3?

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