Strange Interlude Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are Marsden's thoughts at the beginning of Act 1?

Marsden remembers the early death of his father, how difficult it was for him to write in Europe, and how being back in this town provides a quiet "interlude" in which he can remember, ask questions of himself, and write. His thoughts also refer to Nina and to Gordon, his and Nina's childhood friend.

2. What do Marsden and Leeds speak about in Act 1?

Marsden and Leeds speak about how Nina has behaved since Gordon's death. Their thoughts refer to frightening details of Nina's erratic behavior. Leeds' thoughts also reveal his resentment of how people always talked and thought about Gordon so much.

3. Why does Leeds believe that Nina hates him?

Leeds explains to Marsden that before the war, Gordon and Nina were to be married, but he talked Gordon out of it, and that Nina somehow figured that out. Leeds feels that Nina hates him for convincing Gordon to wait to sleep with his daughter as well.

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