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Part 1, Act 1

• Act 1 takes place in Leeds' study.

• Note: During the course of the play, characters speak aloud in soliloquy to express their inner thoughts.

• Marsden enters and speaks his thoughts, recalling his first visit, the early death of his father and how difficult it was for him to write in Europe.

• Marsden comments that being back in this town provides a quiet "interlude" in which he can remember, ask questions of himself, and write.

• Marsden's thoughts also refer to Nina, to Gordon, his and Nina's childhood friend, and to his mother, whom he thinks is jealous of his friendship with Nina.

• Marsden jokes to himself about his lack of a sex life and recalls a difficult and ridiculed sexual encounter with a woman while he was at school.

• Leeds enters, he and Marsden greet each other.

• Leeds' thoughts reveal that he sees Marsden as a calming influence...

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