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Short Answer Questions

1. In her second week at the cottage, what does Mary make in the mornings that creates a routine for her days?

2. When does Mary call her mother each week?

3. How old is Jack's daughter when Mary first sees her at the St. Hilaire bonfire?

4. What color shoes is the private investigator wearing when he slipped on the steps to Everett's store?

5. What does Mary pick up from a chair and put on the first morning she awakens at the cottage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Willis tell the reporter Helen Scofield after the trial?

2. What happens to Mary the night of the bonfire?

3. How do we know that Willis lies to Helen about revealing Mary's location?

4. Why do Jack and Mary take Caroline to the clinic in Machias?

5. How does Harrold act when he comes to the cottage to find Mary?

6. Does Mary tell Jack the truth about Harrold and the abuse she suffered?

7. What items does Mary find in a cabinet when she is on Jack's boat?

8. How does Mary's mother find out she has left Harrold?

9. Why does Mary decide not to run away from Harrold or call the police after he passes out on the couch?

10. What does Willis do that is annoying to Mary?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What happens between Maureen and Harrold the night that Maureen runs away to Maine? Why does this event make her determined to separate herself from him? How is she smarter about the choices she makes in getting away this time?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Maureen return to Harrold after running away to her mother's house? What does he threaten her with? Why doesn't Maureen confide in her mother to get help?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Mary's decision-making process when she decides to kill Harrold. What other alternatives does she explore and discard before she decides to kill him with Jack's gun? What does she believe she will never have if he lives?

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