Objects & Places from Strange Fits of Passion

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Harrold attacks Mary with this object on the morning of his death.


Mary takes this object from Jack's boat after Harrold comes to her cottage.


Mary falls into one of these when the tide is low.


Jack uses this object to get to his boat.

Jack's Lobster Boat

Jack uses this green and white object while he is working.

Fishing House

This location is where fishermen repair their gear.

Julia's House

Caroline is raised in this location.

Julia's Cottage

Harrold is killed at this location.

General Store

Mary asks for directions at this location the first evening she arrives in a new town.

Machias Health Clinic

Jack and Mary take Caroline to this location when she has a high fever.

The Point

Mary's rental cottage is located here.

Machias, Maine

Mary shops and calls her mother from this location.

St. Hilaire, Maine

Mary drives...

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