Strange Fits of Passion Fun Activities

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A Poem for Mary

Write a poem for Mary using any style you prefer. Be prepared to share your poem with the class.

Author Biography

Do an internet search on the author of this novel, Anita Shreve. What is her background? What other books has she written? Where does she live? What other information can you discover about her? Share your information with the class.

Word Scrambler

Mix up 10 words from Strange Fits of Passion, including character names, location, themes, central images, and give to another classmate to unscramble.

Caroline's Blog

Create a blog entry from Caroline's perspective about her visit with Helen. What would she say about Helen and her motivations in making the visit? What would Caroline's opinion be of Helen's credibility as a journalist? Share your blog entry with the class.

Acrostic Verse

Using the character names Mary and Jack, create an acrostic puzzle with...

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