Strange Fits of Passion Character Descriptions

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Maureen English/Mary Amesbury

This character leaves another character and runs away to a small fishing village in Maine.

Caroline English

This character is in college at the beginning of the novel.

Jack Strout

This character owns a green and white boat from which another character takes a gun.

Harrold English

This character is charming but has a violent temper that gets him killed.

Everett Shedd

This character is a law officer and owns a general store in St. Hilaire.

Julia Strout

This widow raises a child whose parent is in jail.

Willis Beale

This character's advances are shunned by the main character.

Rebecca Strout

This character suffers from clinical depression.

Helen Scofield

This character wrote an article and book about an accused murderer.

Machias Health Clinic Doctor, Dr. Posner

This character treats another character for an ear infection.

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