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The Beginning and The Notes and Transcripts: December 3-4, 1970

• Helen Scofield, a writer, goes to the dorm room of Caroline English, the daughter of Mary Amesbury (Maureen English) and Harrold English.

• In the 1970s, Helen wrote an article about Mary Amesbury and has brought her notes and research for Caroline to read.

• The first letter which Helen received from Mary Amesbury describes her arrival in St. Hilaire, Maine.

• She stops at the small general store, hides her face behind a scarf and sunglasses, and enters the store with her six-month-old baby to buy a few supplies.

• She asks for directions to a motel and is told to go to the Gateway, a small hotel halfway between St. Hilaire and the next big town, Machias.

• After paying for her groceries, she leaves, aware of the three people behind her are discussing her.
• Everett Shedd later tells Helen that it...

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