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Short Answer Questions

1. After talking to his excited secretary, who appears at Hank's office door demanding to know if he killed the murdered bird?

2. Who does Hank sell one of the lots next to his house to?

3. Why were William Henry Devereaux's colleagues at his new place of work confused about his inability to lecture?

4. After Hank gets Russell out of Russell's lover's house, where does Hank take him?

5. How does Hank react to the dean's suggestion about a career move for Hank?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has happened to Hank's father and mother, according to the Epilogue?

2. On Monday morning, Hank gets a call from Lou Steinmetz. What is Lou's job and what does he ask Hank about? Who calls Hank right after Lou? What does he tell Hank?

3. What does Mr. Purty tell Hank about his father? What is Hank's reaction?

4. After Hank leaves his doctor's office, what are the series of events that ensue that involve his mother?

5. When Hank gets to his office the morning the goose is found hanging in the tree,, what emotional state is his secretary in? Why is this?

6. When Hank finally goes to see his father in his new house in Railton, what is Hank's reaction? How does he react to what his father says about the writer Charles Dickens?

7. Where does Hank go after he visits Paul Bourke's place? What happens there that upsets Hank?

8. What does Hank notice as he leaves his mother in front of the Victorian house?

9. Hank goes back to his office after seeing his mother on the street. What happens to him there and what does he immediately do?

10. Why was Hank's father offered such a desirable position?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose two characters in the book that play an important role in Hank's life and discuss their characteristics and the importance of their relationship with Hank. Cite three specific examples for each character from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

In reference to the organization (plot) of "Straight Man":

(1) Why are the events of the novel arranged as they are?

(2) What moves the narrative along? Is it external action or internal conflicts? Or is it a combination of both? Support your answer with examples.

Essay Topic 3

Tone refers to the attitude of the narrator of a work. As the narrator of "Straight Man", what is the author's tone at different stages of the book? Explain the tone, with examples:

1) In the Prologue of Book One.

2) When he grabs Finny the Goose by the neck and holds him up for the television camera.

3) When he catches his son-in-law with Meg Quigley.

4) In the Epilogue.

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