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Short Answer Questions

1. What can Hank tell from from the lights in his hiding place in the ceiling?

2. Why do Tony and Hank both end up in jail after they leave the restaurant?

3. As Hank heads to campus after the call about the dead bird, he thinks about his father-in-law. What are his feelings about his father-in-law?

4. What have Hank and his wife taken to doing during his time off?

5. Hank is covered in urine and knows he can't be seen in public. What makes him hide in his office ceiling?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Hank's calls from Lou and Teddy, Hank heads to campus but stops at the diner first. Who does he meet there and what does this individual tell Hank?

2. In Chapter 31, what does Tony tell Hank about Yolanda Ackles?

3. On Monday morning, Hank gets a call from Lou Steinmetz. What is Lou's job and what does he ask Hank about? Who calls Hank right after Lou? What does he tell Hank?

4. How does Hank sneak out of the building after his time in the ceiling? Who does he meet and what ensues?

5. After Hank leaves his doctor's office, what are the series of events that ensue that involve his mother?

6. How did Hank's father finally solve his problem? How does Hank assess this?

7. What is Lily doing now? What project had Jacob Rose submitted that Lily and Hank got a grant for?

8. What are Hank's Prologues to Book One and Two about, and where are they published? What is his mother's reaction to his writing?

9. After going to his own office and speaking to his secretary, Hank heads to the Dean's (Jacob Rose) office. What does Hank do there and what kind of response does he get?

10. Hank goes back to his office after seeing his mother on the street. What happens to him there and what does he immediately do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

For the better part of the novel, Hank seems to be suffering what is popularly known as mid-life crisis. What actions and reactions of Hank's show that he might be having a crisis of identity? Explain where this crisis of identity might arise from.

Essay Topic 2

Choose two characters in the book that play an important role in Hank's life and discuss their characteristics and the importance of their relationship with Hank. Cite three specific examples for each character from the novel.

Essay Topic 3

How does the narrative of the Prologue in Book One explain Hank's relationship with his parents? Cite three examples from the Prologue that tells the reader something about the dynamics of the Devereaux family.

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