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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did his father notice about his lecture as he went out into the university hallway?
(a) That he remembered it, but it made no sense.
(b) He could remember the beginning and end but not the middle.
(c) It didn't help at all.
(d) He could remember it all.

2. Hank realizes his son-in-law is having an affair. With whom?
(a) Russell's sister-in-law.
(b) Bodie Pie.
(c) Meg Quigley.
(d) Rachel Williams.

3. After he almost runs her down, what is his mother's reaction to what he has to say about Mr. Purty?
(a) She doesn't care and isn't fazed a bit about it.
(b) She gets angry with Hank and tells him to leave.
(c) She is astonished that he would say that.
(d) She feels guilty and has a good cry.

4. Early Monday morning, Hank gets a call from the head of campus security. What is his name?
(a) Sid Elwood.
(b) Dan Niedermayer.
(c) Jim Barkley.
(d) Lou Steinmetz.

5. Hank mentions in his article that his father had written about a television program for his book on pop culture. What television program did he write about?
(a) Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
(b) Sesame Street.
(c) The Price is Right.
(d) The Brady Bunch.

6. How does Hank try to get in touch with his son-in-law the morning after his night in jail?
(a) By phoning Russell's father in Pittsburgh.
(b) By email.
(c) By driving to Russell's house.
(d) By phoning the number Russell had given him.

7. In the Epilogue, where do Hank and his wife like to sit and watch the neighborhood?
(a) In their summerhouse.
(b) On their roof.
(c) On their deck.
(d) On their porch.

8. Where does Mr. Purty pick up Hank's father, before Hank sees the two of them at the diner?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) New York City.
(c) Boston.
(d) Richmond.

9. Why does Hank have the reaction that he does to the dean's suggestion?
(a) Because he thinks the dean is insane.
(b) Because he hasn't heard a word the dean has said.
(c) Because he is very ill.
(d) Because he wants to study for a Ph. D.

10. What does Mr. Purty tell Hank about his father that worries Hank?
(a) That his father has Alzheimer's.
(b) That his father has been having seizures.
(c) That his father is losing his hearing.
(d) That his father has had fits of crying.

11. What was one reason the university was happy to hire Devereaux Sr.?
(a) He did not need a faculty house to live in.
(b) He had the best credentials of the candidates.
(c) He was willing to work for a small salary.
(d) He had a very respected academic reputation.

12. In the Epilogue, Hank's other daughter is pregnant. Who is the father?
(a) A young music professor.
(b) The bass player in a rock band.
(c) Campbell Wheemer.
(d) A plastic surgeon.

13. Who comes into Hank's office when he is up in the ceiling?
(a) Meg Quigley and her father.
(b) A newspaper reporter.
(c) His doctor.
(d) His wife.

14. What does Hank do when he positions himself over the room where the meeting is?
(a) He thumps on the ceiling five times.
(b) He phones his wife on his cell phone.
(c) He starts to sing as loud as he can.
(d) He drops a piece of paper into the room.

15. In the Epilogue, where is Russell and who is with him?
(a) He is in Atlanta with his wife.
(b) He is in Oregon with Meg.
(c) He is in Europe with his son.
(d) He is in Canada with his new girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Hank tell from from the lights in his hiding place in the ceiling?

2. In the Epilogue, which of the following is not something Hank says he is thankful for?

3. How does Russell explain what happened between him and Hank's daughter?

4. Which university was William Henry Devereaux offered a position at, after he left his family?

5. At the end of Chapter 25, what does Hank find out about Jacob Rose and Gracie DuBois?

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