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Essay Topic 1

How does the narrative of the Prologue in Book One explain Hank's relationship with his parents? Cite three examples from the Prologue that tells the reader something about the dynamics of the Devereaux family.

Essay Topic 2

How are Hank's father and mother characterized in the Prologue? As the novel progresses, how does their relationship with Hank follow the same patterns as it did when he was a child?

Essay Topic 3

How does Hank relate the anecdote about his childhood dog so that it blends the adult Hank and the young Hank? If "the child is the father of the man", what was it about Hank's childhood that contributed to how the adult Hank views the world?

Essay Topic 4

The setting refers to the time and the place where a story takes place. Compare and contrast the settings of "Straight Man" regarding time. How does it compare...

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